My bollywood moments

Ever since I watched our iconic bollywood actress “Sridevi” prancing around in bright chiffon sarees in Switzerland, my young adoloscent years were shaped by many dreams  and most lucid one was of visiting Switzerland and wearing sarees when I grow up. I must count my blessings and be thankful that I am actually living this dream .

My love for sarees is so deep that I even wrote a poem about my most favourite attire in the world.


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When was the last time I was here ?

Wow! feels great to be back on this webspace. Can’t believe I was away from blogging  for that many months, its surreal to log on to my blog today 🙂

Did I miss blogging ?

Hell yeah I did !

Do I regret being away for this long?

take a break2

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Soul and Sanity: Sadness

Hey Friends, if you are visiting me here for a few times now, you would know that I do share some random poetic ramblings under the heading Soul and Sanity.
Today I share with you quite a melancholic piece that I wrote back in time so I apologize in advance if that puts you off, but the fact that weekend is around the corner may cheer you up, no?
  Siting in my room, I desperately look out of the window. I try to look beyond the obvious, my eyes stare into nothingness, I lose focus and the scene becomes hazy,  the time flies by.
Sharp thin air gushes against my weak knees and I flick my teary eyes. Caught in the moment, haziness is washed away, scene gets cleared but the ‘nothingness’ doesn’t go away.
 Sitting quietly by my window, I hope for the birds to chirp, my ears capture nothing but white noise. Clamor of the ramblings of my mind, I cup both my hands over my ears to stop the cacophony but it only gets louder and louder.
Lying down silently on my bed, I close my eyes and pray for an unperturbed dream. I turn the pages of my memory hoping to land on a chapter filled with laughter, cheer and joy. But I wake up to a sad ending that sends shivers down my spine.
Mind wanders to beat the devil around the stump, it doesn’t surrender. My state of mind is waxed by the weight of sadness. Body succumbs to the excruciating emotions. Heart sinks in the depth of darkness. I am lost in the seas of sadness, my soul is caged inside the malign alcove of thoughts …

New blogger: Pet peeves and expectations

Hie friends ! thanks for stopping by! Hope you are doing very well today 🙂 I feel like having heart-to-heart chit chat , its Friday after all 🙂

So yeah guess what, I will finish my first month as a blogger by the end of January, I am very very new, so new that I am still figuring out how to categorize my blogging into a specific theme: is it style blogging, fashion blogging , lifestyle blogging? Huh ! but seems like this is not necessarily a struggle only new bloggers go through. Some seasoned bloggers have  also been adding themes to their introduction lately. To my mind, lifestyle blogging is an all-encompassing theme, which pretty much covers any topic under the sun and no wonders it is a safe bet for many to promote themselves as lifestyle bloggers indeed, isn’t it?

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Soul and Sanity: Time !

Zanse Schans
Time is a sand granule that smoothly skedaddles through the routes of happy times;
Time is a stream that engulfs the eternity in its depth and beyond.
Time is a hummingbird that hovers over the sad memory;
Time is a colorful thread that ties all the emotions together;
A man caught in the past, lives in the prison of time,
He only moves along the boundless confinement of space and time…


Soul and Sanity : Ambling around the wilderness…

The winding creek flows through the howling wilderness, cutting through the white mist beneath the green canopy. This rocky channel makes the tranquil water gush against both sides. The stretched bloom of bright purple-blue Siberian iris looks through their blade-shaped green glaucous leaves, the  color purple predominantly making hues of dreamy romance though aggressively invaded by the blooms of purple loosestrife swashing the path along the creek
The path I had long forgotten-path treaded by my soft little feet long time ago as if centuries have gone by. I am sunk deep in the bemused loneliness yet enchanted by the mystic beauty all around. I bend forward to pluck those purple flowers. The touch so soft,  fragrance so mild I decide otherwise. The beds of flowers swing along with the breeze,  weeping willows sway in rhythm and the grass grow an inch taller every time the cool air brushes against them. 
I amble in the woods; my dark caramel eyes-seemingly deceived, soak in the beauty. The beauty so mysterious, it creeps in my lean body like a snake swathe around rough bark of the tree, the beauty voyaging through deepest core of my mind. I feel the chill on my hands; the moist soil beneath- so gooey; the marshy smell powerfully tangles with the pungent stench of the dead weeds muddled with a stint of flowery fragrance-annoying my nostrils but the sound of oozing water calms the clamor inside my head.

Why can’t my blog make it big in the fashion blogosphere?

…so yeah its been 5 days of blogging  for me and I already write about why my blog can’t survive the challenge of thriving in the dense fashion blogosphere.

Have I accepted the defeat already??….

Hell NO 🙂

When this defeatist thought came to my mind, I simply told myself- My intention for blogging is not to make money out of it but to have a playground for my styling acumen.

However, the second time this thought crossed my mind, I realized that  I am indeed feeling a bit lost and pressurized to establish myself as a blogger. My individual-self drowned in self-doubt and blamed me for joining the rat race  but my rational-self told me somethings that I would like to share with you all, who knows how many of us go through defeat in our minds when we just start out with a new  blog.

When I was wondering about why I feel so overwhelmed, many reasons came to my mind. let me share with you these two :

  1. I was a blog stalker before I became a blogger myself-  It was easy to pass by any blog, glance through some glossy pictures or read a para or two and move on to the next blog. Now I know- Not only it is hard work to post those glossy pictures and write those paragraphs, there are blog stalkers just like me out there who do exactly the same. They come, they glance through and move on to the next blog. Honestly I am getting the taste of my own medicine, and believe  you me- just like any medicine this one tastes aweful alright !
  2. I started my blog post-Instagram revolution- With Instagram around,  I feel we do live in the insta world, where everything is quick and lasts only for a few seconds literally. I try to keep up, but of course I am 5 days old in the buisness, I am the smallest drop in the big ocean. I am talking about the ocean, which inhabits mega giants  (Chiara, Wendy, Aimee, Kristina, Julie and the list goes on…) who have proved themselves through thick and thin. They have seen it all, the pre and post Insta period of blogging. They were well known to their readers before Instagram came in and it was a winner supplement for their ever growing blog. But for a beginner like me, Instagram is a scary weird place. I am still figuring out this phenomenon, I call “Follow-Follow-UnFollow” where some people start following you  (and of course you oblige by following them in exchange) and then after a day or even before that, they unfollow you 🙂

I have found new respect for fashion bloggers really, I have seen them grow to new heights with the passion, determination, consistency, patience and hardwork.

A very interesting blog post from Chandana of the girl at first avenue depicts  behind-the-glam truth of how much hardwork and non-glamorous things a fashion blogger actually does.

Although we beginners may get anxious about our decision of starting the blog, I believe , the itch to own a blog will always motivate us to  keep our blogs alive. In no way we can compare our web traffic with our inspirations from the blogging world , what we can do is to understand that there is no shortcut to success. The key is to never stop believeing in oneself and keep being honest with oneself. Rest will follow.

Keeping a track of my favourite bloggers, I can be certain of one thing, with time, I will also evolve as a blogger and so will you, so keep hanging in there mates !!!


True but fake

Everyday I hear the utterance you make
Scribbles soaked in blue ink
Some so powerful some so meek
Together they compose a song,
A song that inspires,
Till you are scribbled off with a new promise,
A promise too fake
So is everything in the world: Fake yet true
true but fake...

Welcome to my blog !

Blogaholic Designs”=

Hello everyone  and thanks for your visit!

Today as I write my first post, I am feeling so happy and excited.  I was feeling the itch to  join the bloggers’ bandwagon since many years. I am glad to have found my own little cosy corner in the blogging world.

I hope,  “phashion bug”  turns into an interesting, honest, sensible and friendly blogspace 🙂  I look forward to do some chit-chat in this cosy corner!