Sisley Botanical Facial Mask with Linden Blossom: First Impression Review

Hey all, hope you all are as excited as I am to enter into the month of March. Spring is around the corner, yay!!!

Today I want to talk about a mask that I received  in February along with other Sisley goodies as part of my monthly subscription and this is the first time I actually received a mask  💃🏽💃🏽 Continue reading


Chanel Coco Code Spring 2017: Harmony Blush Review

I remember how ecstatic I was to buy Sping 2016 limited edition blush Harmony from Chanel called Sunkiss Ribbon. I still call it my favourite blush, I have hardly made a dip on the pan and the money I spent on that one was absolutely worth it.

This year again,  I was looking forward to Chanel’s Spring 2017 limited edition blush launches and when I looked at their harmony blush called Coco Code, oh wow! I instantly made up my mind to add this to my collection. Before making the purchase I did check out the reviews on the internet (as I always do for expensive items) and I got the feeling that everyone loves the blush-Coco Code. So, it was relatively an easier decision to take 🙂 Continue reading

Vegan skincare: review of Nonique Extreme Energy Face Milk

Hey lovely people,

Hope you are having a great day. I am very much looking forward to the weekend myself. Husband and I will be dog-sitting a friend’s dog. Aahhhh can’t wait he is coming in a  few hours , yippie !!!

In the other news, I recently came across this very interesting and new product (new to me at least), and want to share my brief experience with it. Continue reading

Current disappointment: Over-hyped and over-priced skincare products

Hey all,

Usually I do my thorough research before I decide to purchase a certain product especially if that is on the expensive side. However, there have been times  when I blindly trusted the well-known brands and  got carried away to empty my wallet for products that are “all gimmick and no good” kinda products.

Usually I like to share my opinion and spread love for products that I genuinely love and find worth every penny but in this review post I want to share my experience with the products that are NOT at all worth the price. They are good enough products if sold at one-fifth of the price.

So the products I am talking about are : Continue reading