Current favorite : face serum/s

Hey lovely people,

Hope  you all are enjoying the weekend  so far.

I loved my – DIOR One Essential Intense skin detoxifying booster serum. I could see and feel the difference in the texture of my skin in no time. I also felt that the other face (skincare) products I was using over this were giving me better results than before. Continue reading


Sisley Beauty Subscription, and October favourites…


Hey hope you all are having a productive, purposeful week so far. Weekend is around the corner so a big  YAY for it!!!!  The other obvious news is that November has begun, which means Christmas lights should be up soon everywhere 🙂

In today’s post I want to touch upon my monthly subscription experience, my October favourites,  and a few disappointments. Continue reading

Lets Chat Make-up: Currently in love!

Thanks to all the make-up gurus on youtube, I can proudly say I love all things Make-up! Oh and when I say make-up I DO NOT mean false lashes. Not because I have anything against falsies, its just that I have not been able to tame this monster yet 🙂

So without further ado, let me share my Make-up routine,  and my current favourite make-up products.

Step1: Moisturize the face and décolleté : I use any of the following toners/Lotions  and my current favourite moisturizer is from Korres!

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Favourite fashion blogs

wordle1list 1Fav blogs

I believe there is something for everyone in the fashion blogosphere. It mainly depends on what we are looking for.

When I follow stalk a particular blog, I like it for two reasons mainly.  First:  purely for feasting my eyes on uber glamorous, glossy, exquisite pictures of some Diva who (I believe) comes from a far away fashion wonderland. A place where I certainly do not want to be living myself. Somehow being so glamorous everyday scares a hell out of me !

However some other blogs that I absolutely love to follow and stalk are the blogs that I can relate to, the blogs that inspire me in one way or the other. These blogs are usually very dear to my heart and I cannot help but wish for them to always keep inspiring others like they do and keep achieving greater heights in life.

So here is the list of  some of my favourite blogs  (in no particular order):

Faux Pas: I remember when Rati replied to my comment once, I felt so excited it was almost like having butterflies in my stomach 🙂 and that is when I realized that for sure she is a celebrity in her own way.  She is definitely a fashion inspiration for many. I like that she experiments with the latest trends and can carry all the looks really well. I love her blog for it is now a  hub of style for most Indian women and I like her for being so humble and down to earth.

Wendys lookbook: She is  like a dream, I love her dainty, demure way of looking so amazingly powerful. She has a good heart, of course I never met her but believe me you can sense these things through the posts people write.

Styleseeking Zurich: I discovered this blog when I was searching  for many other things about Zurich. I love everything about the blog, I like the content, recipes, outfits , Neslihan’s wrist tattoo and of course both the girls. Most of all I love their honesty and grounded approach towards blogging. Make sure you read this post, it will surely touch your heart. It certainly tells a lot about their genuine nature.

On the side note I must mention, I was so touched by another similar post by Fashion Bombay. I like their blog too, actually they are one of the first few fashion blogs I got to know that were from India. I like their courage and passion for their work, I love how they are friends first and then co-bloggers, it’s adorable 🙂

Feeling Fab Looking Good: I came across this Indian blog relatively recently and love everything about it. There are couple of Indian bloggers who vlog as well, but some really test my patience, they sound so fake mainly becuase they are busy making faces while talking all the time. It is a huge distraction for me. However when I watch Abhilasha’s vlogs, I find them  very sensibly done. She gives all the information you need and sounds like a real person who is confident enough to be herself. She has a very friendly aura and I like  her.

Styledrive:  Talking about videos, I like Aayushi as well. She is a stunner. I love her style very much, her heels are always droolworthy.

I can list out  more about what I like about each one of them , but for now let’s just say they are so much part of my internet world that it is more of a habitual liking I have for them and I like everything they post or do. Can’t help it 🙂

Apart from these there are so many more blogs that I have been reading since a long time. I have seen them reaching their peak, making some new decisions, and moving forward in life with great success. It is as if I have known them since forever…

I will share more such lists  under “my favourites” each month 🙂