My favorite “under-eye highlighting” products : Mini reviews on products from NARS, Benefit Cosmetics, Bourjois and YSL

It’s so good to be posting on the blog today after a short break. Blogging is my hobby and sad truth is sometimes hobbies have to take back seat. Anyway, today I want to share my love for under-eye highlighters. Who knew making those triangles under your eyes will become the key step in getting that perfect, flawless make-up look ! huh!


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Chanel Coco Code Spring 2017: Harmony Blush Review

I remember how ecstatic I was to buy Sping 2016 limited edition blush Harmony from Chanel called Sunkiss Ribbon. I still call it my favourite blush, I have hardly made a dip on the pan and the money I spent on that one was absolutely worth it.

This year again,  I was looking forward to Chanel’s Spring 2017 limited edition blush launches and when I looked at their harmony blush called Coco Code, oh wow! I instantly made up my mind to add this to my collection. Before making the purchase I did check out the reviews on the internet (as I always do for expensive items) and I got the feeling that everyone loves the blush-Coco Code. So, it was relatively an easier decision to take 🙂 Continue reading

Lets Chat Make-up: Currently in love!

Thanks to all the make-up gurus on youtube, I can proudly say I love all things Make-up! Oh and when I say make-up I DO NOT mean false lashes. Not because I have anything against falsies, its just that I have not been able to tame this monster yet 🙂

So without further ado, let me share my Make-up routine,  and my current favourite make-up products.

Step1: Moisturize the face and décolleté : I use any of the following toners/Lotions  and my current favourite moisturizer is from Korres!

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Make-up Monday: Lush Lips- Red Lipsticks for Indian and Olive skintone

Lipstick makes a long history on its way to our vanity boxes. It has come a long way indeed. From its use by people having “apparently promiscuous profession” during the Greek and Roman empires to its everyday use by almost every girl in the 21st century, Lipstick has seen it all- from its complete abolishment (during the rise of Christanity) to  its loving social embrace in today’s world.

Today let’s talk about RED lips.  There is something innately feminine about red lips. It surely gives a  stunning makeover to you  but also add that fierce element in your persona at the same time. Love love love Red Lipsticks. So let me take you through 10 Red lipsticks that I feel are suitable for olive and Indian (tan) skintones. I am not saying they won’t work for any other skin tone and shade but I can surely promise that for tan skin tones, these shades hit home, girls !

PS: As I was swatching  a lot of lipsticks for this post, I used a lot of lip balm on my lips before applying the lipcolor and used cleaning oil for rubbing off the previous lipcolor. This somehow gives more sheer coverage for almost all lipsticks on me. However, below in the desciption for each lipstick, I have mentioned its original sheer or rich pigment character, which should hold true for normal usage.


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