Colmar: Oh Colmar you beautiful city you !

Hey lovelies, this post is a filler before I post a proper outfit post. I was in Colmar last week. It is a 9th century city in Alsace region of the North-Eastern France. Its’ beauty lies in its histroy, which makes it unique from the other French cities. It is fascinating to know that Colmar was conquered by the French and annexed by the German empire back and forth until 1945 (if I am not mistaken) and influence of German culture is palpable even today. Walking through the city was more like flipping through the pages of history book. It is indeed a very enchanting place, can’t wait to go back there in summer. It was our second time in the city, so we were pretty laid back when it came to visiting museums and typical touristic attractions, so what did we do?  well,  we took it easy, strolling around without a purpose, sipping Riesling (White wine from the Rhine region in Germany),  gulping down some very good local beers,  eating Flahmkuchen (speciality from the Alsace region) and  what not (check out the food pic later in the post), soaking in the architectural beauty around us, in short we were two happy pigs (you will see the picture in the post and know what I meant 😉 ). I must say, despite the rainy weather, city was still as enchanting as it could be.



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