Hie , I am an Indian girl based in Switzerland. I always fancied a nom de plume –  so here is my chance, please call me  Saabri. 

Welcome to my world !

I am just another girl who is bitten by the love of fashion and who wants to look good on every occasion. I do not follow trends blindly, but I do get inspired here and there sometimes 🙂
may not share any word of advice on style, simply because I believe style is rather a personal attribute. However sharing is fun and for this reason, I will certainly share my pictures and fashion/style ideas with you and continue appreciating your pictures and fashion/style ideas on your respective blogs purely for the sake of sharing- fun, love and inspiration for believing in oneself…fashionably;-) and by the way…

Currently I am trying to finish up my PhD (Doctoral degree) and that takes most of my time. Also the fact that I travel to Germany over the weeknds to meet my loving husband, gives me the chance to live a super-hectic life. he he …yes I am a positive and hopeful person. I have always been someone who looks at the glass full picture of life in any given situation. That doesn’t mean I don’t complain, come on that is how you vent out the stress but then I try to move on and not dwell on it for long. One saying that I live by and vouch for is: failure is the season to sow seeds of success, so if you are going through a period of tough time, where nothing seems to work out for you, put on a brave face, and start afresh with a positive attitude without feeling guilty or judged by the previous attempts and you will see the difference in output.

If you want to know why I find Blogs inspiring? Read my story below…

I got into reading blogs back in 2010 and in no time I developed a huge appetite for reading blogs, and more blogs… I think it all started when I was going through that rocky terrain around the mystery landscape of ‘life’. To shovel away all my grumpy thoughts, I embarked on this unique and somewhat voyeuristic journey of peeking into other peoples’ lives through their bog entries.

So basically those random blogs from strangers soon became joyful experiences for me, I could step into a random world where I hear the stories, feast my eyes on visual treats, and see many things from an outside perspective 🙂

Since then I am into reading all kinds of blogs…about home decor, student life, married women life, intercultural, intercontinental and interracial marriages, surviving science, relocating (expat blogs), traveling, gardening, cookery, fashion, look books, books, and what not…I like them all, simply because they give you a unique opportunity to be the audience and enjoy interesting stories narrated by complete strangers. Another therapeutic character of blog-reading is that you can be somewhere outside your own world especially when you feel dislodged from its axis, and in a way be in someone else’s shoes and walk around a different world altogether, a world which inspires you, which offers you a lot more than what you often ignore or miss in your own stagnant world… and when you finish reading an interesting blog, you feel rejuvenated and encouraged to get back to your own life…

To be honest, ‘blogs’  can offer a lot to a person who momentarily lacks some appreciation for his own life, lacks vigor to get on with it or is simply seeking first hand information before choosing on city to relocate/ study courses to undertake/ universities to apply for/ career to embark on etc …

My Take on Blog:

A blog can be dramatic, bizarre, joyous, ostentatious, eventful, biased, informative, comfortably dumb, altruistic or self-centered . But in the end, ‘Blog’ is an unfeigned reflection of someone’s courage, and passion !

So three cheers for bloggers, blogs and blog readers !!!




8 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Pooja, thanks so much for nominating me for the award. I had a look at teh link you providede and for sure, it is an honor to be awarded Black Cat Blue Sea award, I like the name, the philosophy behind it and the questions that are being asked.
      Thanks once again for nominating me and I will definitely take it further soon 🙂

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    • Hey thanks a bunch for your appreciation, three cheers for bloggers really! To be honest, I just looked up the meaning of my pen name 🙂 and it means “to have patience”, I just randomly came up with the name long time ago when I contemplated on becoming a writer at some point in my life 😉 and was fascinated that there are so many great authors who go by the pen name rather than the actual name 🙂

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