Facial Mists: How I use them

Facial mists are relatively new in my life, and I can tell you that they are here to stay.

Just like cleansing oils, I feel facial mists have become popular only very recently in the beauty world. There are so many kinds of mists available in the market and up until recently, I did not see a point spending a lot of money on face mist. I was happy with my regular toners but soon enough time came when I could not resist anymore and jumped on the facial mist obsession bandwagon.


The most popular mist that most girls use are make-up setting spray. I am no different and love using my Urban Decay de-slick spray. I could totally see the worth of this amazing product in the summer time. Just three spritz of this bad boy works wonders on my makeup. I still cannot pin point at what it does exactly but after using it, my make-up really looks in place and all set-up. Sometimes when my husband points out that my face is looking too powdery and white, I secretly spritz this spray and he thinks I wiped some of my make-up to make it look subtle and nice…ha ha well now he would know my secret 🙂


The second type I use is a toner in a mist form. This is from Lush cosmetics and is simply called Tea tree water. I love it as a pillow spray as well . But mostly I spray it on my face after cleansing. I have actually noticed that my hormonal acne is reduced with its use. Not a significant effect but noticeable to me. I have been using it for more than two months now and the bottle still holds a lot.


The third one I use is Invigortaing spray from Yves Rocher called the Grapefruit Belebendes Spray. It is nice pick-me up spray, very energizing and it also helps set the makeup. I only wish it sprayed more smoothly than it actually does.The picture below is taken from here.


The fourth one I use is a hydrating mist from Björk & Berries, which is an eco-luxury brand from Sweden. The mist is called Deep forest face mist. I love how it sprays the product uniformly. The mist rehydrates and soothes the skin and has a blend of Birch Leaf Water and vitamin charged fruit waters. The picture below is taken from here


The fifth one I use is skin-perfecting floral water from Melvita. The one I use is called Bourbon Geranium floral water.  The website says: “Melvita obtained this certified organic floral water through a steam distillation of fresh Pelargonium Graveolens Bourbon, which comes from a rare culture in France, in a preserved region called l’Enclave des Papes. Naturally rich in active ingredients and with the naturally delicate fragrance of Bourbon Geranium, our floral water helps refine pores and smooth skin texture to reveal a more beautiful skin”.

 This one is my most favorite of all. It is super calming, smells nice, hydrates like nobody’s business, and my face feels absolutely refreshed. I cannot say anything about other skin perfecting effects as of now except for my skin does feel smooth but I still love it because it is almost all-in-one facial mist that does a great job in hydrating, invigorating, toning and also setting the make-up. This 200 ml bottle cost about 15 Euro and all I need is 4 spritz of this magic potion. I will definitely try other floral waters from Melvita. It is a great brand.

Now that the Summer is here, there are so many mists on my wishlist. Thanks to my amazing experience especially with Melvita floral water, I totally see the worth of bringing facial mists in my skin care regimen now.

Do you use any facial  mist, if yes, please do share your recommendation, would love to try new mists. I am currently eyeing on the Rose hibiscus hydrating mist from Herbivore Botanicals. The internet is going gaga over this one.



Disclaimer: All the products mentioned in the post are purchased with my own money, no sponsorship involved whatsoever.



18 thoughts on “Facial Mists: How I use them

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  2. This was so interesting, I had no idea there were so many different facial mists!? I’m really interested in the tea tree one now!! My friend has the UD one and raves about it but I’m nervous to spend the money. NYX have some that are meant to be really good setting sprays too! Xxxx

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    • Hey Ella 🌺 , thanks for stopping by! yeah tea tree one is really good. I find it helpful to spay some of it on my pillow as it’s anti- bacterial in nature and helps reducing acne. Usually Nyx products are really good, will see if I find their spay to try out. UD setting spray is absolutely awesome, I have had it for more than an year and the bottle still holds good amount of product, well I don’t use it everyday but anyway little goes a long way.

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      • Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a great reply! The pillow idea is so good, I often worry that it’s never clean enough to put my face on?! Wow, it is lasting that long? That’s great! I think I might pick up a sample of it…. or maybe dive head first and pick it up, I’m pretty convinced now!! xx

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  3. Ohh…I know this can tone down but I never thought of using it in such a situation (which occurs often 😛 ) Sure your hubby will know about it now. I am definitely going to try this out 😀 😀

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