Lip care in Summer: My routine and products

The only lipcare I knew for almost all my adult life was using petroleum jelly during the wintertime. But as I got more interested in wearing lipsticks, I realized that my lips do need some TLC afterall. So, today I want to share with you my lip care routine or generally speaking, what I do for keeeing my lips hydrated  and smooth not just in wintertime but all through the summer and transition season.

  1. Exfoliate: Just like other parts of the skin, lips also accumulate dead cells and exfoliation is the best way to get rid of them for smoother lips. I use the “Mint Julips”  scrub from Lush cosmetics, which is simply a mix of mint and sugar granules but works wonders. It is a staple for me throughout the year. Mixing olive oil into sugar can also provide some very good exfoliation.


2. Moisturize: Finding a good lip balm that locks moisture and shields lips from dryness in the air,  is a must. My best bet is on products that have beeswax and/ or lanolin. My all time favourite lip balm is from Nuxe ” Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Rêve de Miel”. It is an amazing product, very effective, very light to apply, non-tacky, smells delicious.  This is one lip balm that gets 10/10 from my side.


Very recently, I have purchased Dr. Lipps nipple balm (for lips) and it is another 10/10 product for me. It is absolutely amazing. Does wonders on my lips, it is a bit thick in texture and a bit sticky as well so I use it as an overnight balm and I wake up with supple, moisturized lips.


3. Protect:  For the day time, when I have to put lipstick on, I use lip primer from Nyx. Although its job is to enhance color on the lips, it has wax and other skincare ingredients in it which gives a good base for the lipstick. I would suggest avoid wearing shiny lipgloss during hot summer daytime. It doesn’t do good for your lips, the UV rays penetrate through lip gloss far more easily and carry risk of causing cancer. It is usually suggested to wear lipstick/lipgloss which has at least  SPF 15 in it.  Matte lipsticks are somewhat better as they are opaque. But not wearing sunscreen on the lips is always damaging. Sun damage not always comes in the form of skin cancer but wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are also caused by it.


I personally do not have any lip balm with SPF but I do use my face sunscreen from Lancaster on the lips as well before applying any other product.


4. Extra care through Serums : I personally make it a point to use face serum also on my lips. Additionaly, I bought lip treatment from Peter Thomas Roth last year and have been using it once in three weeks or so. It definitely helps in plumping and smoothing my lips.


5. Extra care through Masks: I truly believe in the power of masks. They may seem topical treatments but I have seen my skin getting healthier and nourished with my continued use of different masks.  For lips, I love this StarSkin lip mask , which is meant for plumping and hydration. There are many lip masks available in the market these days but when I run out of  lip mask in my stash, I do not hesitate to slather the leftover serum of the hydration face (sheet) masks on my lips. The point is to give that extra pampering to the lips every once in a while.


6. DIY for lip pigmentation: I use beetroot juice whenever I am having it as a salad. This gives me opportunity to flaunt richly colored lips without putting any lipstick.

Also rose petals and milk combo works great for me to get rid of those random dark patches on the lips.

Hope you find the post helpful and dont forget to share your lip care products and DIYs.

Have a great week.



Disclaimer: All the products mentioned here are purchased with my own money, no sponsorship involved whatsoever.




19 thoughts on “Lip care in Summer: My routine and products

    • Hey thanks for stopping by ! ❤️🌺
      I love pretty much all the masks from Starskin, and their lip mask is good one too. You may like it as well.
      Wow you noticed the props on the pic, you are a great observer 👌👍The shade is casablanca.


  1. I so so want that lip scrub. I know I can make one but I am too lazy for that 😛
    Do you think I should buy the NYX lip primer? Whenever I browse through I always want to press that add to cart button but I am not really sure do I actually need this 😐 😐


  2. This is really helpful!
    My favorite lip balms are EOS. They are so moisturizing on my lips and leave them super soft! 💗

    Would love it if you would check out my blog 💖🙂


    • Hey Thanks Azra. Oh yes, you will love Nuxe balm, do try it for sure. This is by far the best in the market in my opinion. The tub goes a long way and its only 7.50 Euro. It also comes in tube.

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