Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask: Product Review

We grew up learning that a good-night-sleep is the key element when it comes to getting that rested look on your face. But who knew up until a few recent years that combined with a sleeping mask, your skin can look absolutely radiant, plump and ravishing. Thanks to the concept of sleeping masks.

Sleeping masks have been one of the essential beauty secrets in K-skincare scene and it is indeed a phenomenon that has taken the entire beauty world by storm. And I couldn’t be happier that it has made its way into my little skincare world too. Can I live without this beauty ritual ever again: NO. Sleeping masks have become cult for a reason, and the concept is only getting better and better over time.

I have been using sleeping or overnight masks since last year only. And since then I have experimented a little with different brands. Today I have picked up the

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask

I have used a couple of products from Shiseido’s Ibuki range and I have loved everything that I have used from that range. Yup! it is that good. So I had some great expectations from this sleeping mask …read on if you want to know my verdict on this one.

It comes in a big beautiful jar worth 80 ml of the product alongwith a sturdy spatula.

The formula is non-sticky  (watery) gel with tiny balls /beads encapsulated with Vitamin C and E. I love the concept because that way vitamins only get exposed on the skin during the application and maximize their potential. The other key ingredients are phytoplankton extract, which claims to brighten the skin, Phytotarget Complex, which is a blend of plant sugar, plant extracts, and amino acids, in short all that good stuff to keep your skin plump and rejuvenated.

The mask has a strong floral fragrance, which may be a concern for some. Here is a confession to make- usually I am allergic to strong aroma and that is the reason I tend to stay away from essential oils especially used for massages and bath but I find this floral fragrance very calming and spa-like. For me, one of the highlights of this mask is its fragrance 🙂

My experience: 5/5 and more 🙂

After the religious use of it for almost a month, I can vouch for all that this mask claims. I could see that my skin is radiant and plump in the morning. The skin texture has evened-out to a large extent, dark-spots have surely faded (not that significantly though) but overall my skin does feel happy and healthy.

The gel mask is very cooling on the skin, so I am absolutely looking forward to using it all summer. After a month-long use I have hardly made any dip on the jar. A little goes a long way. The amount that you see in the swatch image above is way too much for application on both face and déclotté.

I bought my jar for about 45 Euro and I am VERY happy to say that it is worth every penny.

I will do comparison reviews on the sleeping mask from Kiehl’s, Body shop and First-aid Beauty in the coming week/s. So do come back for that, if you are interested.

Also, do let me know which sleeping mask do you use and like. Sleeping masks are my staple now and would love to explore more brands.

Have a blessed day and life.




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