Oribe Shampoo and Heat Styling Spray: Product Review

Two months ago, I decided to change the color of my hair from (almost) black to light brown. I love the end result but I was absolutely devastated to see my hair especially the ends, go frizzy and rough, all the blame goes to 5 hours of hair bleaching. Yes girls! my  natural color on the hair took that long to bleach. It was indeed a long day in hair salon, sigh !

Just when I was about to leave the hair salon after spending my longest day ever in there, my hairdresser introduced this new luxury brand to me. I had never heard of this brand until that moment and  after spending several hours smelling and tasting bleach and never-ending headwashes, I succumbed to the pressure  and bought the two things he recommended- the Oribe shampoo for brilliance and shine and real blowout heat styling spray. Never in my life I have spent so much on a hair product in one go…

After coming back to my senses, I searched for the brand on the internet and was happy to know that it is indeed a well-known brand , which was established by a very reputable hairstylist in the glamour world. Oribe, the cuban-American hairstylist is known for styling major fashion runways as well as celebrities for the last many many years.

The reviews on internet tells that everyone pretty much love hair products from Oribe and top hair salons worldwide, proudly use them on their sassy clients.

Now let me share my opinion on the two products I used from Oribe for the last one month.

One a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being exceptionally great, I would rate the shampoo and the heat styling spray as 7 and 10 respectively.

Yes the heat styling spray is beyond awesome, I would love to repurchase it. It is a lightweight mist that smells amazing, actually the-best-your-hair-can-ever-smell ! It works like magic. I was never a hair styling girl until recently, when I decided to get a “Rachel” haircut and color my hair ash-brown balayage. My hair used to have natural bounce and I was also always very lazy to do anything with my hair except for let it go. HOWEVER, things changed when I got my recent haircut and the quality of my hair went down the drain 😦

Now I do have to use hair rollers, followed by lots of blow drying and brushing through my hair to tame them down and get some lustre. All this was possible because of this heat styling spray. It conditions my hair so well, that the frizzyness vanish in no time  (unfortunately only to come back after a day or wash ). My hair feel like they have spent some good time in spa, they smell heavenly. This spray does protect my hair from all that heat for at least 30 minute and the best thing is – a little goes a long way.  Whenever I don’t use it, I know what is wrong with my hair (read pretty much everything).

BTW if you care for little peek on the ingredients, here it is (taken  as it is from Oribe website):

Conditioning and UV Absorbing Molecules offer UV protection while adding shine and moisture. Argan Oil, indigenous to south Morocco, helps in the restoration of the natural lipid content, fortifying, brightening and softening. An exclusive Silicone Complex binds to keratin, forming a sheer layer that provides shine, slip and smoothing properties while offering thermal protection. Ceramides protect from thermal styling and split ends.
Patented Film-Forming Polymer provides a breathable, long-term protective barrier.

Coming to the shampoo: well, I can definitely say that my hair loved this shampoo. I am not too sure if I can ever justify the price though. I don’t think I can shell out aprox 50 euro for 250 ml of  shampoo. I LOVE the shampoo but if I try to use less amount to make the bottle last longer, it does nothing for my hair, it doesn’t even lather up until I use a regular quantity for which, I will have to buy at least 2 bottles of this shampoo in a month. So I would say I will keep using my muggle shampoo and go for keratin treatment in a salon instead.

Have you tried anything from this brand. Do share your experience, I would love to hear.

Stay happy , stay blessed



15 thoughts on “Oribe Shampoo and Heat Styling Spray: Product Review

    • he he yup it is that good. I now blowdry my hair for 20-30 minutes with the same dryer that I have been using since many years but unlike other times I do not smell any burning smell, hair smell great and shine well. I really love it and will probably repurchase it. The spray bottle is still holding up well even after 2.5 months of use 🙂
      Also I just googled about Oribe products in India and found a few links in Amazon. I am sure its a very niche brand, I myself never knew about it until few months back. Never saw it in any of the major stores here as well.
      Much love sweetie,

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