Sans Soucis Aqua Clear Skin Clarifying Mask

Last month in my quest of finding some effective, cruelty-free and organic skincare brands, I purchased some cleansing and peeling products along with a few masks from brands that are absolutely new to me but very popular in Germany.

Today I will be reviewing one of the masks from that haul.

The Aqua clear skin clarifying mask is my first ever product from Sans Soucis cosmetics. It is a German brand with a world wide acclaim. This “Black Forest” cosmetic brand uses precious thermal water from therepeutic springs in Baden Baden, which is claimed to improve skin’s vitality and wellbeing in a natural way. The clarifying mask is claimed to have pore-refining effect, skin impurities are reduced so is excessive sebum production. The complexion looks clear and fresh. Skin’s new cell formation is stimulated and its regeneration is improved.


The mask has to be applied for  at least 10 minutes.

Price: 18 Euro for 75 ml

Potent Ingredient: BioEcolia: it is a polysaccharide, known to improve the natural bacteria skin flora. It prevents the expansion of harmful bacteria which may lead to inflammatory processes and skin impurities. Skin’s protective acid mantle is strengthened.

Other ingredients:  Kaolin (binds excessive sebum and has mattifying effect); Algae extract (rich in minerals, improves skin’s moisture balance and supports the lond lasting  moisture binding capacity) and Symclamin (is inspired by the intensely skin-soothing properties of oat. It has pleasant relaxing effect and diminishes redness and itching).

My Verdict: 5/5 on effectiveness.

My experience: When I applied the mask, I had no idea about the ingredients it has, because except for BioEcolia, there is nothing mentioned on the tube or the outside packaging. Had no idea what BioEcolia is 🙂 So I was pretty blank as to what is that the mask contains to clear my skin and leave a soft, fresh look. However, after washing the mask I could feel that my skin is squeaky clean, a bit brighter, relaxed, calm and moisturized.

I was expecting this mask to be a regular clay mask, but to my surprise it is NOT. It is almost a creamy fluid, with a faint earthy fragrance, very smooth to apply, and guess what!  after a while, I almost forgot that I have applied a mask on my face. It did feel like moisturizer. Unlike other masks, it did not dry out on my face, most of it was infact absorbed. I have combintion to oily skin and I absolutely loved the results so far.

I think it is a great find for me. It is not very cheap for a mask, but I would say still affordable for what it is.

I don’t know if I can actually compare this clarifying mask with the Sisley botanical mask that I reviewed last time, because the ingredients are different and so are the claims. BUT if there is a clarifying mask that makes my skin feel squeaky clean, rested, smooth and moiusturized, I would say (keeping the price in mind )- Sans Soucis Clarifying mask is a clear winner. I enjoy Sisley products because I receive 5 sample size products  every month for approx 1 euro each, which is peanuts really. But clearly there are so many brands out there which are not just effective but have feel-good factors such as :cruelty free, paraben free , affordable, and (for most part) organic in nature.

I am very happy to have discovered this gem recently. There are not many reviews on this one in English, hope my review comes handy for someone out there.




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