Style Files: Animal Print Faux Fur Coat

I have already started with my spring cleaning, have you? It is that time time of the year when I miss being in India because one of India’s biggest and fun festival is just around the corner- HOLI ! Will talk more about it in my next post but today I want to share with you a coat that I found in one of the old boxes in the cellar when I began a huge task of spring cleaning.  To my delight, I found this beautiful faux fur animal print coat. Ha ha that was the beginning and pretty much the end to my cleaning plan. animal_print_coat2.jpg

I remember buying this coat impulsively from Sarojini Nagar. It is a vibrant street shopping area in Delhi, where you can buy some amazing fashion-forward clothing at a significantly lower price. I remember buying this coat along with many other things back in 2013 (or so) in a total frenzy, just grabbing what I found to be in an impeccable condition. Believe me this is the precise rule of shopping there 😉

For some reason, this coat never made it to my  everyday closet. I mean honestly I never felt confident enough to carry an animal print coat. It is strictly out of my comfort zone mainly because in my mind, faux fur is too chic and Diva-licious and also because for some reason, I feel that eventhough it is faux fur, wearing an animal print may imply the hedonistic facination with animals and may unintentionaly support animal cruelty. Before putting it back in the box, I thought let me try wearing it at least once to see if this blog has helped me step out of my fashion comfort zone in any way and second to see if wearing an animal print really channel my inner fashionista. Guess what did I find out  ahem ahem self-praise alert 😉

I liked my styling and thought I did carry it better than I had expected. Also, I was desperately wanting to do an outfit post after a long time :-), so I took the opportunity and asked my dear husband to click some pictures for the blog post. OK so now I leave you with some outfit pictures of this much talked about coat.

Do let me know if you liked them and also, have you donned any animal print lately, do share the link, would love to check them out.




My Wearabouts: H&M heels; Promod Denim (worn here previously); Fossil Watch; Dress from Zara; Coat from AMISU London by Adler.






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