Sisley Botanical Facial Mask with Linden Blossom: First Impression Review

Hey all, hope you all are as excited as I am to enter into the month of March. Spring is around the corner, yay!!!

Today I want to talk about a mask that I received  in February along with other Sisley goodies as part of my monthly subscription and this is the first time I actually received a mask  💃🏽💃🏽


The Mask ‘Masque Givré au Tilleul ‘  or simply botanical facial mask with Linden Blossom, is a creamy, medium to thick consistency but lightweight mask, and contains potent ingredient called linden blossom. The mask is claimed to be suitable for sensitive skin, which is great.

It also claims to give your face a rested look. When I read that I was absolutely looking forward to trying it out. For me skincare is all about giving my skin that rested feeling, given the fact that my skin has always been troubled especially during my adolescent years. So this calm, resting effect on my skin is what makes my mask experience great and worthwhile.

Prior to applying this mask, I used Sisley facial buffing cream (the sample I recieved alongwith the mask), which was a great exfoliator- as the name suggests,  very creamy yet grainy texture. Then I applied the mask on my face in thin layer, it spreads like a dream. It feels more creamy than clayey on skin. I waited for 20 minutes as suggested at the back of the tube. BTW I received 10 ml of this mask, which should be good for at least 6 more uses. I think one of the best decisions was to invest in this monthly subscription of Sisley beauty products. I haven’t regretted it even once. It turns out that I pay somewhere 6-7 Euro (less than 500 Indian Rupees)  a month for 5 sample products- 10 ml of this mask alone would cost around 16 Euro,  awesome deal, isn’t it?

Coming back to the mask review: Well did my skin felt rested? YES. I can totally tell the difference after using this mask, that too just after single use. I like the fragrance of it, it is very faint but soothing fresh fragrance and I believe that might have added to the calming effect I felt while I had this mask on.

Sisley products are known for being luxurious but also excruciatingly expensive. Not all of their products get great reviews though. I am glad to find out in the internet that I am not the only one who loves this particular mask so much. It is indeed a great mask- very calming, soothing  and moisturizing for my skin. Its recommended use is twice a week and the original 60 ml tube should last a long time, given that it spreads really well.

First impression verdict: 5/5 on effectiveness. Totally impressed ❤😍😍

After-thoughts: It is definitely expensive for mask (online prices ranging from 75-100 Euro for 60 ml tube), and it would be really great to find something that is comparable to this one in performance at a lower price. However, if someone wants to splurge on skincare and especially mask, I will not at all hesitate to recommend this precious one to them. It will last at least a year and clearly this is a luxury skincare , which becomes affordable in the long run.







18 thoughts on “Sisley Botanical Facial Mask with Linden Blossom: First Impression Review

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    • Hey Claire ❤🌷 Yeah I am still enjoying the mask very much. Some of Sisley’s products are absolutely amazing, and thanks to this monthly subscription I am getting to try some great skincare and beauty products from Sisley at a very affordable price.
      Thanks for stopping by dear 😘🌺

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