Chanel Coco Code Spring 2017: Harmony Blush Review

I remember how ecstatic I was to buy Sping 2016 limited edition blush Harmony from Chanel called Sunkiss Ribbon. I still call it my favourite blush, I have hardly made a dip on the pan and the money I spent on that one was absolutely worth it.

This year again,  I was looking forward to Chanel’s Spring 2017 limited edition blush launches and when I looked at their harmony blush called Coco Code, oh wow! I instantly made up my mind to add this to my collection. Before making the purchase I did check out the reviews on the internet (as I always do for expensive items) and I got the feeling that everyone loves the blush-Coco Code. So, it was relatively an easier decision to take 🙂

I ordered it from the Chanel online boutique this time and am so glad I did. The packaging was awesome, and they sent me three samples. From the website, I could choose 2  samples that come with any single order but because I also ordered Chanel Universal pressed powder, they sent me a 5ml of serum called Blue serum along with sample of mascara and perfume . I like the serum but the fragrance is overwhelming. It does go away after a while but somehow I am not very encouraged to buy it in near future. Haven’t tried their Mascara yet. The perfume is something I already love and that is why chose it as a free sample. Its a men’s fragrance and I love it on my husband.

Now coming to the review of the blush, the image below is taken from the website itself to show you the actual colors, my lighting and photography cannot beat the professional one 😉


The Coco Code Blush Harmony is a gorgeous quad. It has two satin and two matte hues. Unlike their last years’s harmony blush-Sunkiss Ribbon, I can actually use all the four colors on their own, of course using a small detailed brush to pick the color. The contour color in the quad doesn’t really work for me as a contour (I am NC44) but I will like it as a summer blush on its own. I am glad that the light highlighter shade is not at all frosty as it might appear in the swatch. It is , in fact, all the four hues are warm toned.

As I said each of the 4 shades in the quad may work perfectly well if used on its own but I absolutely love it swirled altogether. They blend like a dream to give a beautiful warm peachy bronze look on the cheek, well the blush is called Harmony blush for a reason ;-).

It feels more satiny than matte when used altogether. The soft luminosity and radiance it gives to the cheek is beyond amazing.

The only downside about this blush is – it is too powdery when you give it a swirl in the pan. The good thing is there is no fall out when applied on the cheeks. Also, don’t count on the brush that it comes with. It is pretty much useless. If you are allergic to floral fragrance, I must point out-this one does have a stronger fragrance. It is very pleasant actually typical Chanel fragrance but can be overwhelming for someone who is allergic to smells.

My experience with the Sunkiss Ribbon blush from Chanel tells me that it will take years to hit the pan on this one too. But I know I will hit pan on this one sooner than on Sunkiss ribbon, because with the coco code blush (when swirled altogether ), it needs to be dabbed more times to get the color on my cheeks. For fairer girls, this may not be the case.

All in all, I am very pleased to contribute to the hype and share the love for Chanel’s limited edition harmony blush-Coco Code.







22 thoughts on “Chanel Coco Code Spring 2017: Harmony Blush Review

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen this blush swatched with the shades mixed together. It’s GORGEOUS! I just bought Golden Sun and now I’m thinking I will get this one!! It’s different than the pinks I have and I really REALLY like the shade!

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