5 skincare mistakes you must stop making right away !

Hey all, hope the day is treating you well.

Would you agree, we all fall for those glossy,  photoshopped magazine covers and pages that showcase beautiful, luminous healthy looking skin. We get tempted to buy all that makeup which we think can make our skin glowy . BUT the truth is no amount of make-up can compensate for healthy skin. There is diet and overall healthy lifestyle that helps to acheive fuss-free healthy skin and it is a topic on its own. I will not dwell on that today. What I want to share with you instead, is those common mistakes that I am for sure accused of making just like many of you for the longest time.

Want to know what those mistakes are:

  1. NOT using a separate face towel for drying your face


This one change in my routine has brought a major difference in getting rid of those random break-outs I used to have. I cannot stress enough to have a seperate towel to dab your face with after cleansing your face. I usually keep the towel for drying after the use and put it back on the shelf rather than keep it hanging in the bathroom.

2. NOT cleaning your make-up brushes on a regular basis


I learnt my lesson the hard way. It so happened that I was following a very intensive skincare routine and was convinced that I am doing everything right. But soon after I felt that my skin underneath was feeling suffocated / clogged , in a  week’s time I noticed  little bumps on my face, which were not acne per se but it did tell me that my skin is either rejecting some of my skincare products or is getting contaminated from the Make-up I was using. I stopped using foundation, which helped but my cheek area was getting worst. Soon the brushes caught my attention, and even though  my brushes did not look dirty at all, when I cleaned them and used them again , I saw a huge difference in no time. Since then I make sure that I don’t wait until the color of my brush changes but I spot-clean them after every 15 use or so and clean them properly every month.

3. NOT bringing in serum/s in your skincare routine


Even when face serums became the quintessential skincare product in the beauty industry, I used to think of them as nothing more than gimmick. And boy! was I wrong. Many people that I know still think the same, they are happy to apply their regular moisturizer and thats it. Moisturizers are of course essential even when you think you have oily skin but face serum takes skincare to another level. Its a powerful source of nutition and hydration, which is easily absorbed and boost your skin in no time. If you are blessed with flawless skin,  there is of course no need to invest in specific treatment face serums like blemish control or brightening  etc. But it is very important to give your skin that boost of hydration that no amount of moisturizer can ever give. Your skin will thank you for this in years to come.

4. NOT mask-ing on a fairly regular basis


Just like face serums, face  masks are also extremely important in providing your skin that extra boost which is much needed after finishing that work deadline or going through a tough day. Face masks are in no way luxury, they are basic requirements , which must be included in your skincare routine. There are all kinds of masks available. Sheet masks have really become a thing in the recent past, thanks to Korean skincare popularity. Clay masks in the western world are catching up and all for a good reason. As an Indian I can tell that I grew up with using homemade gram-flour and honey masks and clay masks. But they were only to be used around the weddings or other social events. I am so glad that I changed that habit and have brought masking in my regular skincare routine.

Apart from giving your skin that much needed healing and pampering, it does cultivate the sense of spending time with oneself . It may sound a bit dreamy and philosopihical but I personally feel, it brings harmony in my life. It is like meditation , well seemingly a very “wordly” and “vanity”meditation 😃😉 but when I put that mask on , I feel I am rejuvenating myself from within.

5. NOT using a spatula or Q-tip to dig into your moisturizer

It sounds a bit “high maintenance” but guess what it does make sense not to contaminate the product by dipping fingers to dig out the product. Usually the face products come in pump bottles but moisturizers for example they almost always come in lid containers. For those products it is better to use a spatula to take the product out , even Q-tip works well. This doesn’t stop the product to get oxidized because it is not an air-tight container anyway but it does stop the product to get contaminated through your hand (full ) of bacterias. But if it is too much of work for you then I would strongly recommend spraying disinfectant on your hand before you dig out the product.

So these are the 5 mistakes I wanted to share with you that we commonly make. If you don’t, well be proud and give yourself a pat on your back, you are certainly a wise woman. If you do make one of more of these mistakes, take my word, you will get rid of random zits and that suffocating feeling underneath the skin by changing a few habits like I did.

Please feel free to add to the list about any other mistake that we can avoid while taking care of our skin.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

stay happy , stay blessed




39 thoughts on “5 skincare mistakes you must stop making right away !

    • Hey thanks for stopping by ❤️🌺 I still get hormonal acne but not so much on face anymore, unfortunately on my body arrrgh, would love to read your tips for fighting acne. i generally use hand sanitizer before digging on to the moisturizer and that has now become a habit. I do get lazy with q-tip 😃☺️


    • Hey Melina, thanks a lot for stopping by ❤
      If you are just starting out, I would say go for Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate, when I first used it I could see significant difference in my skin texture and could see that my pores were reduced in size. Skin looked plump and nourished. You may find it a bit oily but it does not make your skin break out, at least I did not experience any breakouts using this serum.
      Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts ❤🌺🌷

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post. my skin has been super dry and flaky past few weeks mainly because I have been terrible with skincare. I needed to read this to motivate me to be better at taking care of my skin! I am experimenting using oil based products/oils for my skin for a month to get over the whole dryness and it has been pretty good till now. All the points mentioned by you are so so on point! I use a different towel always and it makes such a huge difference. I still need to get better at cleaning makeup brushes! I am so terrible at it but know that I need to do it!! heheh.. and face masks are definitely a form of meditation and I so relate to what you said 🙂 It sure makes everything ah-so-wordly 😀 thank you so much for sharing this! Have a lovely week ahead ❤

    Monika | http://www.palateforstyle.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Mon, am so happy to read your comment 💃🏽 thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I was missing out on using make-up on my disturbed skin, this encouraged me to take care of my skin religiously. Still a long way to go but my skin has improved significantly by taking care of little things which I mentioned in the post. Also diet and treatment serums have been extremely helpful.
      Glad to know your skin is responding well to your changed skincare routine.


    • Hey ❤ thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts. Yes I absolutely agree coz cleaning your face more often is very helpful for acne-prone people like me too.
      Visited your blog, its lovely. Let’s stay connected.


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