Current disappointment: Over-hyped and over-priced skincare products

Hey all,

Usually I do my thorough research before I decide to purchase a certain product especially if that is on the expensive side. However, there have been times  when I blindly trusted the well-known brands and  got carried away to empty my wallet for products that are “all gimmick and no good” kinda products.

Usually I like to share my opinion and spread love for products that I genuinely love and find worth every penny but in this review post I want to share my experience with the products that are NOT at all worth the price. They are good enough products if sold at one-fifth of the price.

So the products I am talking about are :

  1. GlamGlow Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment
  2. GlamGlow Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment:
  3. Origins Maskimizer Skin optimizing Mask Primer

Lets begin with the hefty price I paid for these products :

For product 1- aprox 24 Euro; for product 2: aprox 20 Euro and product 3: aprox 18 Euro

My Experience :

Plumprageous Lip Treatment  is an absolute b%&ç% sh%ç  (and because I buy ALL my skincare and makeup products with my own money, I am not tied up to refrain my honest opinion to myself 🙂 )

This product is all gimicky in packaging, comes with a weird teardrop wand which is plastic with a hole in it. I just don’t get it. The product itself is nothing but a transparent creamy spread that smells like peppermint and tingles when applied. Do I see any effect (even for a fraction of a second?)- NO

I say, all that tingles is NOT plumping lip treatment

But surprisingly in Sephora’s website  you see that many hearts and likes for this product (as of 13.02.2017)Bildergebnis für surprised smiley


Second Product is the lip balm from Glamglow. In my opinion, it is an average lip balm that you can buy for 1.99 $ / £/ so why should they be selling it for an outragrous price?

OK I know Glamglow is a high-end brand, their mudmasks are also outrageously priced but at least they are amazing products.  What’s with the price of this below average lip balm- don’t tell me that round container costs that much?  and what’s with people giving this product the likes and the hype?


The third product is also gimicky to me . I remember when I purchased it, I fell in love with the idea of having a mask primer especially because masks are expensive products these days. So having a product that maximises the benefit of your expensive mask is indeed a great idea. I remember putting it in my favourite products tray  (see below)


But after using it for sometime, I realized that no matter how much it helps my mask to spead better, it is NOT worth the price. I am still using it because I still like the idea of applying the mask primer but I will not repurchase it at all and would go back to the times when I used to simply moist my face with water or spray rose water on my face before applying any mask.

Sephora hype has once again surprised me :


So these are the products that give me heartache whenever I see them lying on my skincare shelf. I hope you guys have not wasted your hard-earned money recently on products that were not worth it.  If so, please share those products here so that we be careful of those fake hypes and unreliable reviews arrgh…

Wish you all a great mid-week ❤

Much love,





15 thoughts on “Current disappointment: Over-hyped and over-priced skincare products

    • hey thanks so much for stopping by sweetie. you have a great blog too, following you now 🌷🌼 I have used their masks and I like them a lot but these lip products are nothing but big disappointment 😖 Looking forward to reading more from you on your gorgeous blog 🌷


    • Thanks Mrinalini,
      you are so right, I personally rely a lot on reviews done by fellow bloggers and its important to keep the integrity and give back to the amazing beauty blogger community 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by hun!


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