Current favorite : face serum/s

Hey lovely people,

Hope  you all are enjoying the weekend  so far.

I loved my – DIOR One Essential Intense skin detoxifying booster serum. I could see and feel the difference in the texture of my skin in no time. I also felt that the other face (skincare) products I was using over this were giving me better results than before. The only con for me was that I ran out of my 30 ml bottle before a months time and that has never happened to me with any other serum of equivalent quantity. Usially my serums tend to last a few months as you only require a pea size amount. I don’t know what happened with this one though. May be I used it in lavish quantity after seeing the amazing results or the bottle that I purchased did not have 30 ml to start with 😉 I purchased it from one of my trusted shops here in Freiburg (Galeria Kaufhof)  so most likely I got overboard with my precious Dior booster serum. This discouraged me to shell out my hard earned money after I ran out of it .


My current favourite is ;  Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules With Advanced MIX Concentrate™ . It is an amzing serum, very effective on my skin. Its waxy in texture, comes in small capsules , super hygeinic to use and total of 50 capsules last a long time. The amount in one capsule is more than enough for the entire face and decolette area. I love the fragrance of it, which is very faint and not overwhelming at all. Next morning I do wake up having supple, healthy looking and bright skin. Its a great value for money (in terms of serum prices). I had bought a day serum and moisturisizer from the same brand along with it, which are ok I guess BUT this night serum is beyond amazing.



Do share what serum/s are you loving these days. I am always  on the lookout for new products to try out. Also, I think it is best practice to surprise your skin with some pleasant new ingredients and formulaes every now and then . At least my skin responds very well to these surprises.

Stay happy and stay blessed,




6 thoughts on “Current favorite : face serum/s

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by sweetie. I have been eyeing on Dior foundation to try out, have heard good things about it.
      Usually Dior makeup has not disappointed me thus far, hope you share the same experience❤❤


    • hey Ankita, so wonderful you stopped by. Yes serums are game changers really. I can say from my experience that no amount of moisturizer or face cream can provide that solid dose of goodness to your skin as serums do. And the night serum from Elizabeth Arden is a promising one. Also Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate can be a very good starting serum for you. Do share your experience once you try one.
      Happy Sunday.


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