The Master Cleanser – Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam-Yay or Nay !

I am a big fan of anything detoxifying, cannot resist to use products that mention about “detoxifying” in their description. I would say , so far some have been gimmicky but most have worked on me. Honestly the most detoxifying products that I have used happen to be masks and so when I came across this cleanser (will not bother to write down the entire name again ;-), I was pleasantly surprised. I like seaweed (for its nutritional benefits ), I like detoxifying anything and I love to try out new cleansers as often as I can so it took me fraction of a second to put it in my basket. It was almost an impulsive purchase but at least I knew what to expect from it: deep cleansing of my face.
All in all I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Read below for my brief review:

What the product website claims:

THE MASTER CLEANSER FOAM™ Deeply cleanses, purifies and nourishes skin while Green Caviar seaweed and Sea Cucumber gently lift away daily dirt and makeup to leave skin feeling refreshed, revitalized and luxuriously soft.

I won’t deny the ingredients sound exciting as I had not used any skincare product with seaweed before.

I am not too sure about the removal of Makeup: If you wear eye make-up, don’t expect much, it CANNOT replace the cleansing balm or Miscellar water. However it is a very good cleanser to wash face with after you have removed the makeup by regular means.

It doesn’t smell all flowery, which the product doesn’t claim anyway but WHHHAATTT! well it has seaweed in it, what was I thinking duh! Do I hate the smell of it: NO, what does it smell like: I guess seaweed, if seaweed smells like soap 😃

It doesn’t foam that much. WHHHAATTT !! well it says it’s a cleansing foam, so why doesn’t it lather up? Do I hate the fact that it did not not foam as much as I expected : NO, it actually saves me time to rinse it off faster. But for all you people who like their cleanser to be foamy, use this one with clarisonic (or something similar)  or simply with bare hands. I use this kelp cleanser  religiously with my Konjac sponge (black) and it doesn’t foam, which is OK 😊

Does it do the job? YES. I have been liking it so far. It is a definite YAY for me. It does clean my face squeaky clean without ripping off moisture and natural oils. I love the pistachio green (more of a green apple) color of the product. I like the packaging, which is unusual for a face cleanser, it reminds me of refill packs for handwash or bodywash 😀 but it is only prettier. If you are like me who does buy stuff because of the packaging, well you will not be disappointed because the green color and the typical movie inspired packaging from starskin is as awesome as the product itself. In fact I was encouraged to buy a few more startskin products because I used their Glowstar peeling soft (peeling program perfection puff) and their lip mask and LOVED them both. Actually loved the peeling puff way MORE than the lip mask.

I also bought two new sheet masks from Dr. Jart, I am looking forward to try them soon and hopefully they will be worthy enough to appear on my blog J.
Have a great day, stay happy stay blessed my peeps.


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