Chanel Coco Code Spring 2017: Harmony Blush Review

I remember how ecstatic I was to buy Sping 2016 limited edition blush Harmony from Chanel called Sunkiss Ribbon. I still call it my favourite blush, I have hardly made a dip on the pan and the money I spent on that one was absolutely worth it.

This year again,  I was looking forward to Chanel’s Spring 2017 limited edition blush launches and when I looked at their harmony blush called Coco Code, oh wow! I instantly made up my mind to add this to my collection. Before making the purchase I did check out the reviews on the internet (as I always do for expensive items) and I got the feeling that everyone loves the blush-Coco Code. So, it was relatively an easier decision to take 🙂 Continue reading


5 skincare mistakes you must stop making right away !

Hey all, hope the day is treating you well.

Would you agree, we all fall for those glossy,  photoshopped magazine covers and pages that showcase beautiful, luminous healthy looking skin. We get tempted to buy all that makeup which we think can make our skin glowy . BUT the truth is no amount of make-up can compensate for healthy skin. There is diet and overall healthy lifestyle that helps to acheive fuss-free healthy skin and it is a topic on its own. I will not dwell on that today. What I want to share with you instead, is those common mistakes that I am for sure accused of making just like many of you for the longest time. Continue reading

Vegan skincare: review of Nonique Extreme Energy Face Milk

Hey lovely people,

Hope you are having a great day. I am very much looking forward to the weekend myself. Husband and I will be dog-sitting a friend’s dog. Aahhhh can’t wait he is coming in a  few hours , yippie !!!

In the other news, I recently came across this very interesting and new product (new to me at least), and want to share my brief experience with it. Continue reading

Current disappointment: Over-hyped and over-priced skincare products

Hey all,

Usually I do my thorough research before I decide to purchase a certain product especially if that is on the expensive side. However, there have been times  when I blindly trusted the well-known brands and  got carried away to empty my wallet for products that are “all gimmick and no good” kinda products.

Usually I like to share my opinion and spread love for products that I genuinely love and find worth every penny but in this review post I want to share my experience with the products that are NOT at all worth the price. They are good enough products if sold at one-fifth of the price.

So the products I am talking about are : Continue reading

The Master Cleanser – Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam-Yay or Nay !

I am a big fan of anything detoxifying, cannot resist to use products that mention about “detoxifying” in their description. I would say , so far some have been gimmicky but most have worked on me. Honestly the most detoxifying products that I have used happen to be masks and so when I came across this cleanser (will not bother to write down the entire name again ;-), I was pleasantly surprised. I like seaweed (for its nutritional benefits ), I like detoxifying anything and I love to try out new cleansers as often as I can so it took me fraction of a second to put it in my basket. It was almost an impulsive purchase but at least I knew what to expect from it: deep cleansing of my face.
All in all I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Read below for my brief review:

What the product website claims: Continue reading