Ankle cut-off DIY denim and Christmas in Colmar

Hey all ,

Hope you are having great holidays wherever you are in the world and are as stoked as I am for ringing in 2017 soon 🙂

We celebrated our Christmas in a beautiful French city COLMAR , which truly was magical. There were five Christmas markets in all and although it was far from white Christmas, the city was dripping in Christmas spirit. Me and my husband share a special liking to the city and becuase it is only an hour away from where we live in Germany and Colmar has Sephora so I never hesitate to visit this gorgeous corner of France.

I have been extremely lazy in doing any outfit post whatsoever, but thanks to my husband for carrying the camera with him and warm warm Christmas morning that I decided to wear my most beloved heels  (which are not at all expensive AND go with almost everything )  and now I have atleast a few decent pictures that I would love to share here on the blog 🙂

My wearabouts: Linen top (Zara): Jeans (Promod) , which I tampered with 🙂 it was not very appealing on my ankles so I did an ankle cut-off DIY to make it wearable. I like the outcome, what do you think? : Jacket (Newyorker) : Watch (Tissot Men) : Heels (H&M): Handbag (Piccard)


I apologize for the crushed top, I love Linen as a fabric but I always hesitate to wear it  as much as I would love to becuase of its nature of getting crushed after few minutes of wear.


Wishing you all a great week and lots of joy and happiness. Would love to know what your New Years’s eve plan is 🙂






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