Book review: The Calling Unleash your true self by Priya Kumar

Hey all,

Hope you all are doing great.  This post is about the book review as the title suggests but as I am a self-proclaimed talker I will share snippets from my own life first and then move on to the book. so please feel free to scroll down to the end  of the post for the book review in case the post is too long for you -xoxo

December is a great month, the chill in the air, festive lights on the streets, the cheer around local christmas market and holidays coming up, surely makes December a great month of the year.

Also many of us go into all introspective mood and look back into the year and realize there is so much we wanted to do and there is so much still left to do. I am for sure one of those people who walk on the bridging line between philosophy and practicality of life. In the past I had been lost, failed at many occassions but have always bounced back and that is why I call myself blessed. I truly believe in the saying that “if you want something desperately in your life, the universe makes it happen”. You know that the Universe is doing the job when you start getting spiritual guidance in everyday sense. You start believeing in hardwork and sincerity like never before, your heart fills up with hope which is nothing  less than a magic potion really.

I have gone through hard times before and honestly I owe whatever I could achieve so far in life to those hard times.  Today I am sharing with you -a page from my personal diary from 2013 where I was being thankful to the past year hardships and experience because the year had rewarded me immensely and I had achieved the goals I wanted to achieve at that point, including emotionaly maturity and spiritual beginnings:

Years come and go and a new year steadily becomes the past…

Hopes, aspirations, dreams and realities change with the changing circumstances and the year imprints itself on you with a rather non-impressive ink. However there are seldom opportunities showered upon you by the Divine to mark a particular year as the phenomenal year of one’s life.

2012 this is what you are- A phenomenal year of my Life. I know foundation of which was already established over the hardships of 2011 but I cannot take away from you the glory of being a very successful year of my life.

My  beloved Guruji says- the season of failure is the best season to sow the seeds of success. Each word depicts truth and only truth for me. I could not only achieve my personal goals in the year 2012 but also have already laid a good foundadtion for 2013 to grow, flourish and yield fruits of my hard work, sincerity and passion in future.

Thanks 2012 for making me humble with your immense offerings. Just like 2011 makes you what you are today, I am sure you yourself will lead 2013 to another beautiful year in the pile.

Thanks for making me appreciate the feeling of gratitude…it is so much pleasant to feel thankful than to holding grudge against the time, year and life.

Life has updated itself on me…it was due for a long time and I am happy my dues are finally paid.

I wish everyone a great year and hope that everyone gets to feel the same gratitude for the coming year that I am feeling towards 2012.

I pray to God for his blessings to shower on us- each one of us inhabiting the world.


I don’t know how many of you will relate to the sentiments I was going through when I wrote that in my diary but I know that all of us at some point in life get a bit lost, feel discouraged, see only the negativity that life has offered to us and unfortunately blame everything else around us for goals that were never achieved. After we victimize ourselves it becomes a bit easier to justify our failure and to be honest it is all OK. It is one way of coping with that phase in life but what is not OK is to feel like this all through and never change a thing in ourselves and never seek the guidance from the Universe.

The book by Priya Kumar  – “The calling -unleash your true self”  is all about  that- seeking guidance from the universe, exploring your purpose of life , dealing with life failures mindfully rather than victimising oneself all through. However this  is not a self-help book per se, but is written in a form of a novella about the guy called – Arjun.  he is relateable to many of us at many levels. Going through divorce, caught up in the corporate rat race, totally frustrated and jammed with fatigue. It is a story about him and how he unleashed his true self. Without even knowing he embarks on this spiritual journey , meet people along the way and gets enlightened.

About the BOOK: I liked reading it, this book was sent to me back in October I suppose. I loved how Priya Kumar herself had sent those lovely handwritten notes. When I received the package, I felt the warmth with which it was sent out to me. However unfortunatley I could not finish reading the book given the messy situation I was in. Moving houses, attending conferences, finishing first draft of thesis chapter, and giving lecture during autumn semester at the University  did not allow anytime to read through the entire book . Anyhow now that I have made my opinion about the book, I should share it all with you:-)

The book is a winner of many awards and that talks about it pretty loudly. As a reader I liked the authors take on life, some pages were very deep and poignant although not necessarily depressing. At times there were lines that struck a chord in me and I took sincere inspiration for my own life. I felt frustrated for the protagonist , I admired the acumen of character called “Chandu”.

If I have to find a critique about the book, I would say I struggled to get transported to the scene. You know how when you read a book you are automatically transported to the world your characters are in. I felt the vividness was a little lacking here. On the funny note: ski glasses somehow stood out as they were repetitively used to describe the scenes.

But other than that , I found the book to be nice and relevant. Thanks so much for sending me the book to read.

Around this time of the year when we all look back and evaluate how far we have come in achieving our goals over the past year and life in general,  I would recommend reading this book and unleashing your true self along the way. I feel people with some spiritual inclination will definitely like the book  and people who are like “Arjun-the protagonist” will also find the book very enjoyable and to some extent useful, so all in all there is something to take away for everyone.

…with steamy coffee mug in hand I say bye bye , hope you liked reading the post and the review. I would love to hear your personal stories related to your emotional and spiritual awakening, so pease share if you like 🙂

hugs and wishes,



6 thoughts on “Book review: The Calling Unleash your true self by Priya Kumar

  1. Your page from the diary is my favorite and struck a chord.. This year for me has been a roller coaster ride.. Some highs , some lows, and I found it difficult to focus on the positives. I am trying to get into a more zen mode and train my thoughts.. Gotta check this book out. Seems like a great read babe 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    Monika |

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    • awww thanks a ton sweetheart, you are one of the most positive and emotionally strong person that I have seen across the blogging world. That definitely reflects how amazing you are in person. I hope 2017 brings you loads of joy, happiness, success and love.

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