Sisley Beauty Subscription, and October favourites…


Hey hope you all are having a productive, purposeful week so far. Weekend is around the corner so a big  YAY for it!!!!  The other obvious news is that November has begun, which means Christmas lights should be up soon everywhere 🙂

In today’s post I want to touch upon my monthly subscription experience, my October favourites,  and a few disappointments.

So in the month of September, I got tempted and jumped onto subscription box bandwagon.

I absolutely love the idea of goodies arriving at your door every month. However, I always hesitated to subscribe for one, thinking what if I don’t like the products that I receive. I love Make-up but it has to be something that I pick for myself, skincare is something that I will NOT try just for the heck of it. I need to read tons of reviews before purchasing any skincare, accessories/ jwellery pieces is something I don’t go for on regular basis so having its subscription box for every month doesn’t even make sense to me. And then one fine day, as I was watching some skincare reviews on youtube, I came across something called SISLEY beauty subscription and I ordered one year subscription for myself rightaway 🙂

I mean to use Sisley products is beyond any (student) budget but this monthly subscription allows me to unarguably some of the most expensive products for only about 6 Euro !!!! How amazing is that ? I have loved all the things they have sent me so far and I am even saving some money to purchase their Botanical D-Tox  treatment in full size. My skin feels beyond happy and pampered. The little Eau de Toilette that I have used from Sisley is so amazing that one spritz makes me feel out of the world. This month is all about night time skincare and the little perfume that they have sent is again an absolutely gorgeous fragrance.


Samples that I have tried so far from Sisley:

Now moving on to October favourites: Some items that make into this category are things that I have been using since summer and some are those that I purchased in October and already like them very much.

october_favouritesDior One Essential booster serum: I absolutely love it because it has really made my other serums  and overnight masks to deliver hugely improved results. Let me know if you want to read a full review on this baby.


Talking about overnight masks: the one from First Aid Beauty deserves straight 5 stars from my side. In the morning I wake up to very supple, and rested skin. It has worked wonders after I have started applying the Dior detoxifying serum before I apply this at night.


Burt Bees  Shea Butter Hand repair cream: I don’t like the smell of it but I love the result it is giving me lately.

 Peter Thomas Roth Lip treatment: this thing is not absolutely magical but I have surely seen reduction in those fine lines/cracks on the lips. My lips look fuller and younger ever since I have brought this lip treatment in my night time routine.


NYX Lip Primer and L.O.V lipstick

I don’t think I am ever going to go back to no lip primer days:-) unless NYX decides to stop selling this amazing product. It was a random purchase and I did not even know such a thing existed. Very very happy that I picked it up along with this random brand called L.O.V  (Olympe’s Burgundy No. 590), its a beautiful lipstick  and  very autumn appropriate.

Hair Mask from HASK: I love it, it smells gorgeous and makes my hair feel absolutely pampered.

Now on to my disappointments:

After trying for a few months now, I  cannot say they are bad products but at the same time I do not have anything great to say about these products from Boscia: The clear complexion cleanser and the clear complexion treatment, whcih is disappointing because when I purchased them I had some high expectations after reading and watching several reviews on them. I will definitely not repurchase them and sadly may not even finish these bottles. Whereas the dry shampoo from Batiste was a great disappointment from the very first use. Although it  made my hair smell nice and fresh, it made them look super oily. If you know of some good dry shampoo, please do let me know.  Once I tried the one from Lush cosmetics and it turned out to be a total disaster for me.I don’t want to give up on dry shampoos just yet,  so please share some recommendations if you have any.


Hope you enjoyed this post. For the first time ever I already know what my next post will be about: One special award that my fantastic fellow blogger nominated me for. Thanks Pooja :-* and a book review. This interesting book was sent to me in October but unfortunately I did not have any spare time to even touch it. This breaks my heart but guess what there is a reason why I rant so much about not being a frequent blogger 😉

Wishin you all a great upcoming weekend.

cuddly hugs for you all: stay happy , stay blessed





11 thoughts on “Sisley Beauty Subscription, and October favourites…

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by sweetie. It’s exciting to receive goodies every month isn’t it? I am absolutely happy with the Sisley one. If you know some other good subscription boxon skincare, do let me know please 😊 ❤🌺🌷


      • I’m planning to write a informative post with all the possible boxes around. However, for the moment I have only one Birchbox – you can check its review on my blog! xx


    • Hey thanks a ton!
      yeah with monthly subscription boxes, it is although exciting to get to try new things but it is also risky for sensitive skin and troubled skin (like mine) . So far I am very happy with Sisley products . I will definitely check your blog . the giveaway sounds exciting 🙂


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