Lets Chat Make-up: Currently in love!

Thanks to all the make-up gurus on youtube, I can proudly say I love all things Make-up! Oh and when I say make-up I DO NOT mean false lashes. Not because I have anything against falsies, its just that I have not been able to tame this monster yet 🙂

So without further ado, let me share my Make-up routine,  and my current favourite make-up products.

Step1: Moisturize the face and décolleté : I use any of the following toners/Lotions  and my current favourite moisturizer is from Korres!

Step2: Primer time

I use three primers, yup you heard it right  !


The first is Porefessional from Benefit, for minimizing pores. Actually my pores have minimized to bare minimum thanks to skincare products I am using lately, but old habits die hard so I still slather my cheek, nose, and forehead with it. I find every penny worth spending on this product. Haven’t found anything better than professional  for myself.

The second is Dark spot corrector  from Smashbox. This one is kinda addictive. The third is  full face photo-loving primer from Nyx. I don’t really need to use it everyday but I still do because it makes me feel comfortable slathering my face with foundation afterwards  without feeling guilty of abusing my skin. The texture is so lush with no oily trace at all.

Step3: Lay the Foundation

In the past I have tried many foundations which left me disappointed really. Main issue was with the oxidation after a couple of hours. Also sometimes the true match can be tricky to find, especially if the skin changes complexion depending on the humidity and dryness in the air (ok well that is exaggeration but it is in fact true that my skin goes through shades of change during the year). Anyhow, coming back to point, I have managed to find a few good ones that work for me : MAC studio finish powder foundation and BOURGEOIS’  HEALTH MIX SERUM, are two of them. But my current favourite is : NARS sheer glow floundation (in Tahoe) and my everyday favourite foundation is: Urban Decay Naked Skin one and done (in shade medium dark).


I set my NARS foundation with the Nyx Translucent powder, otherwise it becomes a bit too dewey on my oily combination skin.


Step 4: Brow deal

Yes people! there aren’t many girls who are blessed with those perfectly shaped eyebrows. To say the least, mine are not even symmetrical. So I do give my eyebrows an amazing make-over. How do I do that,  well simple 2 steps: I am currently using this brow thing from alverde (its a German brand) and then I use  eyebrow powder “Brow Pow” from the Balm for everyday use and Sephora brow thickener, if getting ready for evening out (I apologize for the hazy picture).


Step 5: Contouring

Ok moving on to the next step, which is not a part of my regular make-up routine but only for evening out or partying, I  do some contouring. Currently I am using  Anastasia Beverly Hills cream countour palette


For highlighting I sometimes use YSL touché de éclat in no.2 and no.6 (I mix them up) and apply it to highlight my cheeks and the brow area. On everyday basis, I use concealer for highlighting, the  one from Benefit cosmetics work best for me. It does wonders to my under eye area. I don’t have dark circles issue and so concealer works very well as a highlighter and give my face that instant uplift. For giving some shape to my nose, I do not necessarily follow the dark contouring step, I still use this concealer to highlight the bridge and the tip of my nose.


Step 6:  Eyes need attention too 🙂

Once I am done with all that jazz,  I apply primer on my lid and also around my eyes. For every day make-up , I apply the eyeliner from Gosh cosmetics and I play with two eyeshadows from sephora: the basic brown one and blue-black dark color for outer corners and lower lid.


For Mascara, currently I am using two: Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced and Rebel eyes from Gosh cosmetics. Love them both!


Step 7: Next I put the blush on, currently I am using three interchangeably: “New Red” from Dior. I really like it. The packaging is good, and it takes a long time I suppose to hit the pan. I have been using it for about 9 months and there is enough to last me a few years it seems. May be also because its well pigmented , it spreads well but a small amount is enough to bring color to your cheeks.  I did not like the brush that came along with it. I use my MAC angled brush for this step. The other two are from Chanel: “Sunkiss Ribbon” and Le Beiges Blush N020

Step 8: Pop the color on Lips

My favourite lipsticks  for this fall are:  YSL pur Rouge Couture in beautiful hot pink (Sorry the exact shade number is rubbed off from the lid somehow) and Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in no. 450 “Insolent Plum”

Now on to the Last step : If you have read my previous post on Mary Loumanizer, you know that I can’t praise this product enough. It’s the best highlighter ever. If you have not tried it yet, please splurge on this one. You won’t regret it at all. There are million reviews on this one and hardly anyone has complained ever.  Before I  bought one for myself, I had tried the guerlain meteorites. I was sold out after I watched their official video and I was pretty happy with it. In fact I had bought two meteorites in two different shades. But oh my god! nothing comes close to what you experience with the Balm Maryloumanizer. Go try it for yourself, its worth every penny.

So these are the steps I follow in my current Make-up routine. Thanks to all the amazing make-up gurus on you tube, I have started to understand this beautiful world of make-up. People who think make-up is all about hiding your natural self behind the stash of lipsticks, foundations and mascara, they are so wrong guys. I personally believe I am the same person with or without make-up it’s just that bringing color to your world is always fun , isn’t it?

Do share with me if we have some current favourite products in common or any new product that I should try out as per your recommendation.

I know some people may say I tend to use more High end make-up products and you know there is no denying about it. I have suffered so much from my aggresively bad skin all my adoloscent life that I am too afraid to use drugstore products, although I know they are really good products. I read lots of reviews before I get convinced to buy a certain product and most of the times those purchases have worked out to be worth the splurge. For me , the shelf life and the amount I get must always justify the price.

Have a blessed life, share love and laughter …and now I leave you with this beautiful quote:

One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see- Gabourey Sidibe




25 thoughts on “Lets Chat Make-up: Currently in love!

    • Hey babe! so lovely to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      true that- it is so much fun to play around with make-up. Not so long ago, I had no idea why to use highlighter under the eyes BUT I still vividly remember how magical YSL’s touche eclat felt, the first time I tried it. Now I can’t even imagine my make-up without highlighting the under eyes 🙂


    • Hey hie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would love to try makeup revolution highlighter too, only I wish they come in sample sizes. That would really allow me to try many products at once 🙂
      If you have done review on the Makeup revolution highlighter, please share with us here, would love to check it out.


    • Hey thanks for stopping by dear ! yup that Mascara is a bomb. Have to agree with you that highlighter is pricey but guess what you don’t hit pan on it before good years of use 🙂


    • Hey gorgeous! Thanks for your lovely comment, YouTube makeup tutorials are life savior really. It’s hard to believe that there are so many talented people out there. I am also still learning, I guess practice brings a better artist in you. I wish I had taken my drawing and painting lessons in school more seriously 😛
      Thanks for stopping by my girl!


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