Goodbye Summer: Blue on blue casual outfit

Summer has never been my favourite season, even when it meant icecreams and picnics by the riverside & waterfalls. However after being in Zurich, I  have started to enjoy sunny stint after days of grey weather here. The year 2016 was really blessed with good summer days though on the contrary to the local legends. You know, in Zürich, there is a traditional spring festival called :  Sechseläuten , which has been celebrated since the early 20th century.  There is street parade followed by burning of Böögg, its a snowman effigy filled with explosives (just like  we burn the effigies during Dussehra in India). Legend has it that the time taken between lighting of the pyre and the explosion of the Böögg`s head tells how warm and sunny the summer will be in the coming months. Lesser time means good summer. In 2016, it took record time of 43 minutes but we still got good summer days 🙂

Before we say goodbye to summer, I made sure we enjoy at least one  sunny weekend in the sunny part of Switzerland- Ticino. I am sharing my pictures from that weekend. Hope you like it:-)

My Wearabouts: Shorts -H&M: Shoes- Graceland: Bag- Tommy Hilfiger: Tops- Mango


This dam is known for insane bungee jumping in Verzasca Valley, I have not watched the James Bond Movie “Golden Eye” but if you have then you know its the same place guys 🙂



I am now  looking forward to enjoy some fall and then welcome Winter with open arms in anticipation of gorgeous Christmas lights, festive spirits and snow. I get so excited for Christmas more so because  I terribly miss being in India during our festive season of Durga Pooja, Diwali, Dussehra, so I go almost crazy during Christmas time 🙂 I do celebrate all the Indian festivals here in Europe too but nothing can beat being in India during festive season 😦

By the way , what is your favourite season?





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