Prying on the product: Biologique Recherche P50 acid toner

I could not hold my tears of joy on finally receiving  it, I cried in anticipation of using it, I cried out of bliss when I saw myself in the mirror next morning and my heart  has been skipping a  few beats each time I see my face after using it.

If you have never ever heard of Biologique Recherche P50 lotion, then please please please  take a moment to google it and then come back to this post. I am so thrilled to be talking about P 50 today that I want you all to be equally thrilled for this product. It is a cult product so I knew what I was getting into 😉 but what this product has done for my skin is beyond insane.

I bow down to the father-son duo, French pharmacists for creating this cult product. I never thought my skin can look so good, as I write this post I am all emotional. Some of you who must have struggled with acne and scarring and so you know how much this affects your self-confidence. I still remember one incident which made me hide in my house for a week : I had a neighborhood friend and we were the same age, but she was this confident girl who thought she was pretty and in all honesty others also thought of her the same way. Let’s just say puberty had suited her well. And then there was me : hiding behind glasses, wishing to be invisible to all those judgmental people, because of the pain (emotional and physical pain) that puberty had blessed me with.  One day when I visited this friend, her older brother asked both of us to pose together for a picture, because he had brought a new camera. I tried to avoid the situation as I used to hate my face during those times,  and felt really inferior of  myself for being this gawky person. But they insisted and I was left with no choice but to pose. My hurtful experience did not just end there, next time when I visited them again, they showed me the picture and passed a few rude comments on how bad my skin looks. I came running back to my house, feeling absolutely devastated. Unfortunately no one at home could understand my pain as they thought I look fine and am just over reacting. May be they were right, may be my skin was not the worst one could have but what matters is how my skin made me feel about myself. I thought everyone was just being insensitive to the core (believe me I still ache from the pain I felt that day). It was this comparison that killed me that day. I was judged by how my skin looks. Now I can lecture people about how they should just mind their own business and how I do not need any validation from anyone on how I look but at that age I thought my world has just come down, I will never have a  great life (which thankfully I am living at the moment, can’t be more thankful to the universe for that) but you know it’s a tender age and mind is impressionable enough to let such negativity affects you.

So let’s take a leap to the recent present,  and how do I feel now? Well if you haven’t guessed it already , I am on top of the world !!!!! I have the best skin I could ever have.  You know I had been splurging a lot on skincare lately, and in my quest to find something better, I came across this ever so mysterious, hard-to-get-hands-on kinda product. The sheer snobbish attitude of this product made me curious about it. I mean you tell me, can you believe that in the world of insane, unabashed, unashamed advertising, where making your product as visible as possible with all the glam-glossy packaging and dreamy scents, there is this one product that crème de la crème of the beauty world passionately vouch for (if not worship) !

You can’t buy lotion P50 on regular online shops, there are very few stockists worldwide for this product, the bottle itself actually borders ugly, and scent is as disgusting as rotten vinegar (if such a thing exists :-)) and YET this diva-licious product has excellent fan following. If you have used it once,  you are never parting ways with it. I always thought I am good at expressing my feelings but today  I have clearly run short of words to express my happiness to get my hand on P50. It is an amazing acid toner-and my heartfelt wish is that the skinfairy works her magic to bless you all with this bottle, which is nothing less than magic itself 🙂

If you want to go into details of the product, I am sharing a beauty blog link that has very beautifully described her story and experience with P50 and has also shared some great video links to satisfy your curiosity even more  🙂

hugs and kisses,




9 thoughts on “Prying on the product: Biologique Recherche P50 acid toner

    • Hey Nikki, yes absolutely , smell is something that we can get used to and it doesn’t stay for that long anyway. Go for it girl! and I would love to hear about your experience with P50 so please do share . Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Hiw Anamika, thanks dear. I looked up the the Biologique recherche’s website for the worldwide stockist. I chose DermaBeaute Salona and spa, based in Germany. They were very fast in delivering the product 🙂


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