Kiehl’s Over Night Biological Peel Versus Le Weekend De Chanel: Game on!


I am always on the lookout for products to even out my skin tone, and  to get that healthy glow. A few months ago, Chanel’s  le Weekend caught my attention, more so because the sales lady at the counter told me its a moisturizer with exfoliating properties! I had never come across such a product profile and of course found it intriguing. Despite the hefty price tag I brought it home also because I have had great experience with Chanel skincare before (love their face cleanser and Hydra beauty serum).The bottle itself doesn’t tell anything about the ingredients. I really had to dig deep to find out what this super expensive bottle contains. It is basically an AHA (glycolic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid) based exfoliant. The product is also known to contain some goodness of Glycerin, L-Arginine , known to stimulate blood flow and to give plump looking skin, Rose Water, and Vitamin E.

Chanel claims  that every week, May rose water, combined with a high-tolerance glycolic acid complex specific to CHANEL, perfectly exfoliates and lastingly hydrates the skin.

What do I think: The bottle is gorgeous and it smells lovely but those should not be the reasons why you would want to shell out huge money on any product. If I have to rate its effectiveness on my skin, I will score it 1 on the scale of 10 (10 being most effective).

I found it to be very gentle as an exfoliant, so maybe this product is for people who are already blessed with good skin and want to just maintain it precautionary . It does feel luxurious on application and I use it overnight and NOT only during weekends. My skin does feel a bit rested, which is a good thing but I strongly feel that “Le Weekend De Chanel” is not worth the money. It was a onetime splurge, not going to happen again 🙂

What worked for me instead?

A month ago, in my desperate attempt to find some night-time exfoliant, I came across Kiehl’s Over-Night Biological Peel. The word “biological” impressed me. I thought this peel will have biological ingredients to peel the skin. However the only thing biological about it is the name of it 🙂 With biological peel they mean desquamation process – which is nothing but shredding of the outer layer of the skin, which is still done by chemical ingredients, not glycolic acid though ! (good news if you are looking for alternative)

I went ahead and started using it as instructed. Unlike many people, I don’t find it greasy at all. I like the fact that it is quite moisturizing especially because with all the peeling ingredients skin needs to feel replenished and not thirsty and dry. I could see the results with every use. The results are NOT MAGICAL but good enough to make me use it every day as a nightly routine and feel the difference in skin texture with every passing day. I have used Kiehl’s products before and have to say except for their Midnight recovery concentrate, I did not find anything else as effective. With this peel, my pores have minimized and skin feels smoother, rested and energized. So I guess I will continue using it till I find a better option. It retails for about 70 CHF,  I am sure it’s a bit cheaper in other parts of the world, WHY GOD WHY  is Switzerland  so expensive???

I would be very happy if I find some good peels at a cheaper price, so please please please recommend to me if you know any.

Thanks for reading !


20 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Over Night Biological Peel Versus Le Weekend De Chanel: Game on!

    • Hey thanks for stopping by. I have used quite some products from Kiehl’s and so far I think their midnight recovery concentrate and overnight peel are worth the hype. I could see amazing effects on my skin after one use itself. For dry skin, I would say give their ultra facial cream a try. I remember using it but as I am normal to oily skin type, it did not work for me. I personally found it too greasy. They also have something called ultra facial deep moisturizing balm, which should be even more nourishing for dry skin.
      I think Kiehl’s products are great quality, and work for many people so don’t hesitate to give this brand a try.


    • Thanks babe, yup it sucks especially because of the price 😦 I can definitely recommend the peel from Kiehl’s although the reviews I read on it were not as encouraging. Phew ! thankfully it works for me 🙂


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