Are Glamglow mud masks worth the price? Product review

You know you are a skincare junkie: when you have contemplated at least once on getting your hands on the glam glow mud masks.

I remember when the whole buzz of glam glow masks hit my world, I completely went against the current and convinced myself that these super gaudy looking jars cannot be as good as the whole hype is about. And one year after, I couldn’t resist the temptation of owing them myself and try my hands on one of the most hyped masks ever.  So join me in finding out what the hype is all about any way?

I own two Glam glow masks: the clearing treatment and the brightening mask.

I have been using both for the last 4 weeks and have my own opinion on both.

The internet had been buzzing a lot over clearing treatment, thirsty mud, gravitymud treatment, and recently over the brightening mask. I am a sucker for all things that claim to clear my skin and give that brightened appearance. I had high hopes of course after purchasing such expensive jars of mud 🙂

If you don’t want to read any further and want to know my opinion on them:

I love the brightening mask  but I still do not understand such big hype around it.

I do not understand the hype around clearing treatment glam glow mask AT ALL and would anytime would prefer Origins’ charcoal clearing mask as a better alternative.

To be fair, I must accept that my skin has been a troublemaker in my life that has never learnt to behave really. So I did not expect the clearing treatment to clear my skin right away. But after using the product regularly for 4 weeks, I am still wondering WHY did I shell out my hard-earned money on buying a product which is as mediocre as it can get.

Yes, mediocre and a rip-off  is how I feel about the clearing treatment glam glow mask . It did nothing special to my skin. I did not even get that squeaky clean feeling that my drugstore mud-mask gives me on a regular day.

However, I have a slightly different experience with the “Brightening mask” .

Honestly, all the masks and products that I have used lately (for brightening purpose), they have worked for me thankfully. Temporarily enough, but they all have worked on me. So I wasn’t really surprised when I used this scrubby-gritty mask and saw the difference. However because it was the most expensive one from my collection, I was expecting a bit more. I followed the instruction as in to apply for three consecutive days regularly and then use it every alternate day or so.  On the second consecutive day  I could actually see that the mask was in fact helping my skin to get that ‘something’  extra. Sun damage spots, pigmentation and acne scars appeared a bit faded. My face looked rested,  clean and brightened. With each use since then I see the difference, which unfortunately is not that long lasting. After the continuous use of this mask for 4 weeks,  I have come to realize that it is an insta glow treatment and keeping in mind the price, I will now keep it for special occasions as a quick-fix weapon.

It is recommended to massage the brightening mask onto your skin and leave it for at least 20 minutes. I probably never took notice that the minimum time is 20 min  and not the maximum. With my experience I can absolutely recommend to leave it for 20 minutes or longer. I saw the huge difference in the effect when I left the mask for longer than 20 minutes. Use this mask when you have ample time on hand, you will get full value for your money that way.

Another good thing about the brightening mask is that you somehow don’t need the same amount as you do for the clearing one. It applies less. The spa-citrus-y fragrance is something I don’t mind at all. However, for some it can be a big annoyance. I have a pretty rugged skin so abrasive is not a big issue for me personally, but again if you are sensitive to all things gritty and grainy, you may find the mask a bit harsh on the skin,  after all they say it diaomond dust in the mask :-I

I know many people have problems with the jar packaging and how it can allow the contents to break-down and lose the effectiveness. But I like to believe that if the contents are photosensitive then companies will use different packaging  (may be brown glass bottle like Kiehl does ). For sanitary reason I prefer to use  hand sanitizer before applying the mask anyway. I have acne-prone skin and I am a picker when it comes to acne :-(, so one habit that has stopped my skin from exploding is using hand sanitizer.

If we are “masking soulmates” then you would know that the after-effects of the mask is important but what is also important is to look forward to using the mask. Only a good mask can provide you the wholesome experience of pampering your skin and injecting that feel-good emotion. Glam Glow brightening mask does that girls! I actually look forward to apply this mask, it makes me feel good about my skin. Unfortunately I could not get the same feeling with the clearing treatment one.

So to summarize, I will say : if you are tempted to buy one of these mud masks from Glam Glow,  give the clearing treatment  a miss and go for the brightening one as it does help with fading the scars in addition to adding the brightening effect. But bear in mind it is not long lasting so keep it as a quick fix solution for those special occasions.


7 thoughts on “Are Glamglow mud masks worth the price? Product review

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    • thanks babe, yes sometimes I wonder how this unworthy hype gets created in the first place. But then may be it works for some people, who knows.
      Thnaks for your encouraging comment.


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