Mary-Lou Manizer-Highlighter, Shadow & Shimmer: Youtube made me buy it

Alright, so we have all been there when youtube made us buy things. That one magical video, which walks you through a dream and BAM!!! you want to purchase that product. That is  one reason I do not watch the product videos from brands themselves, becuase they make outrageously glamorous videos, which can make it difficult to say NO to buying the product!

I also try to refrain from any temptation on products by watching product launch reviews, PR reviews and first impressions. I find them entertaining, for sure but I feel the reviews which people are doing after spending their own money are more genuine.

And if there are thousands of good reviews on a certain product, it is worth trying, isn’t it? After all we all deserve some goodness in our lives.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is one such product. It is a champagne colored highlighter, which apparantly works wonders on all skintones. I range between NC 42- NC 44, seasons do that to me really:-)  With all honesty , I  can say that every girl needs this magic in her life.

I use my fingers to apply it as highlighter on my cheekbones, tip of the nose and browbones. And Boy! does it make my make-up a fairytale! Oh yes it does !

The only tip I can share is to avoid using any brush while applying Mary-Lou Manizer, as you may get overboard with it. I think, fingers do an amazing job and you have more control on the amount of product you are using up.

It will be sad to throw it away after few good years of use because it is almost impossible to hit the pan on it (unless you are a make-up artist with a huge clientiele).

I will say no more because there are amazing reviews already out there and this is not “prying on the product” series anyway ;-), will do that next Monday , so please be kind and come back for it , it means a lot to me !

My Verdict on the Balm Mary Lou Manizer:


I am glad Youtube made me buy it 🙂



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