Olympic 2016 Fashion Editorial-“For the Love of Fashion” Friday Series

So this is the Olympic year and, I was up all night to catch the Olympic 2016  opening ceremony. It is always accompanied by some breathtaking moments,  offering a great sense of pride and patriotism.

Sitting in your living room, you often recall your glorious sports memories from  back in the good old school-days time. What ? you don’t ? OK then may be it is just me but the point is OLYMPICS is a great deal. I, for one try to catch as much sports as I can and thoroughly enjoy every bit of it.

Additionally, what I enjoy  to watch is the olympic uniforms of all the teams from around the world. I put on my own critic glasses to scrutinize each and every uniform very diligently and then passing judgements on what I like and what I don’t. This is the beauty of being confined in the living room, you have all the power in the world to pass on judgements, isn’t it? 🙂

Well jokes apart, my interest in fashion led me to google which team is wearing which designer and guess what- I found answers to most of my questions except for one.

So lets dig deep into sports uniform, shall we?

To start with, was I the only one who thought the designer behind USA’s Olympic uniform was Tommy Hilfiger ? ha ha guess what- we were wrong people- Its infact Ralph Lauren, look at the next picture to see the iconic polo logo on the blazers. Overlooking the whole controversy on USA symbolizing Russia – I personally think the uniform was sharp, smart, fun and classy.

USA olympic uniform.jpg

Hereby, I give up my pet peeve for white pants.

The Team USA opening ceremony uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren.

Moving on to – Can’t-get-more-patriotic-than-this uniform- The Brazil

Oh My God, I had my WTF moments (both good and bad) when I saw the Brazilian contingent: The tracksuits were basically draping the flag around the body and lacked both -charm and subtlety …

Opening Ceremony, Rio 2016, Olympics, Fashion, South Africa

However, the summery- beach dress that the women athletes wore were so chic and fun !

Opening Ceremony, Rio 2016, Olympics, Fashion, BrazilMoving on to : Jamaica.  I kinda like that  eye-burning yellow and somehow think the uniform was charming. Lets just say PUMA saved the game for Jamaica.

Opening Ceremony, Rio 2016, Olympics, Jamaica

Moving on to Cuba: Well well if you know that the uniform for Cuban team was designed by Christian Louboutin, you know what to expect right? of course the accent of RED , which is pretty much the only thing I liked about the entire uniform. OK the shoes are kinda fun.


Canada: Well DSquared2 designed their uniform. And all I can say is if you like Red and black combination and maple leaf in general, you will like the casual yet sporty uniform just like I did. Comfortable, sporty, fun !

Canada DSquared2.jpg

Were you surprised to see the Italian contingent in all Black and white? We owe a big thankyou to Giorgio Armani.Can you imagine how challenging it would be to be dressed in red, green and white and not look like a clown?  Kudos to the designer, smart move indeed!

Italy Armani.jpg

What stands out for me is the Great Britains’s uniform designed by Stella Mc Cartney. What is there NOT to love about the ensemble?

England Stella.jpg

So all in all 2016 was a good year for Olympic fashion. We have come a long way and Thank God for that! With all due respect to the athletes from 1996 Olympics- this is a fashion faux pas in todays’ time , don’t you think? Have a look …

archive_olympics 2

I hope you enjoyed my take on Olympic fashion. I will be a jerk again and do similar posts in Friday fashion series.

Wishin you a great weekend ya’ll.





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