Tame the Monster Series-My Skincare Regimen


Hey Lovelies, hope the day is treating you well

Currently I am obsessing on Make-up, its a new world I have recently gotten into and I love every bit of it. I am all into reading reviews and purchasing tons of Make-up. However, I also noticed that with my growing obsession with make-up, my skin is asking for more and more attention. I don’t believe in using make-up to hide the drama that is going on in your skin but to bring out the best in you including the skin. So I had to refurbish my skincare routine.

I thought what better way to start our Thursday series- TAME THE MONSTER by sharing my skincare routine with you guys and may be I will get to hear from you about yours, so lets bond over skincare coversations, shall we?

The figure above is basically my step-by-step skincare regimen.

Cleansing: I use Gel Pureté Rinse – Off Foaming Gel Cleanser from Chanel


Chanel is a rather new product in my life. I have acne prone skin, so I chose to go with the gel-based cleanser. It does a great job. I am already into my third bottle. What I like about this cleanser is that it leaves my skin squeaky clean without ripping off the natural oils in the face.  It smells floral and amazing.

Toning: I was not into toning my face after cleansing. However, as I became aware that it is rather an important step to keep the PH of your skin balanced, I have adopted it into my routine. I go back and forth between, Kiehl’s dark spot corrector toner and SKII essence. If I have to chose a better one between the two, I would say the later one. Mainly becuase my skin feels very calm and rested as soon as I use it.

Moisturize: Well, we all know how important it is to keep your skin moisturized. I never skip this step, for sure. However, I don’t have a holy grail face moisturizer. I keep on trying new creams . Currently, I am using Sisheido Benefiance cream and Clairins hydraquench cream and I love them both.

Face Serum:  We live in the age of serums really. There are so many options available. I like to invest in good serums. Currently I am using Clairins double serum only for my decoletté and Lancome Vissionnaire for the face. On the side note, I want to mention the eye cream I recently purchased and am happy using it so far 🙂

eyecream_bobby brown.jpg

Exfoliate: My skin says special thanks to me when I exfoliate it. Really, it is weird how I have a sensitive skin as in I get rashes or break outs easily but when it comes to rubbing my skin with micro abrasive exfoliants, my skin loves it. The only scrub that has not worked for me is the walnut scrub from St Eves.


Face Masks: I started out doing face masks as a luxury to my skin, however soon masking became need for keeping my skin happy. I love the regular clay-based  and gel-based masks but most recently I am into sheet masks. I have tried the ones from Sephora, would say they are OK but not as great as TonyMoly I am real Masks. I have whole range from skin purifying to elasticity. Also, when I was in Hanoi, I tried some Korean and Japanese sheet masks. And believe you me – no one does better than the Koreans when it comes to sheet masks.

Tonymoly masks.jpg

Currently I am trying Glamglow masks, will do the review once I have used them enough number of times.

Do share with me what routine do you follow, and what all products. Remember Sharing is FUN 🙂

Much Love,





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