New elements in the blog: Beauty and Grace

Hey all my lovely people,

In my attempt to be more disciplined in blogging, I am, for the first time including a routine for my blog posts.

Its an experiment till my Birthday (read September) to be consistently following a routine to post every Monday, Thursday and Friday. Its kind of overwhelming to even think about the amount of time and work this would need. But hey! its also fun to challenge oneself every now and then right?

So be prepared to read about all things Make-up on MAKE-UP MONDAY. Here, I will be going back and forth among five themes:

  1. Lush Lips: Because I love Lipsticks
  2. Prying on products:  Product Reviews becuase I know it helps !
  3. Youtube made me buy it : It will be a small section on Make-up products that I felt compelled to buy after watching youtube videos
  4. On my list:Kind of Wishlist for things I want to try in near future
  5. Most coveted in my makeup box: Things that I absolutely love

On Thursday, I will be talking about Skincare and Haircare , basically about TAMING THE MONSTER. The topics will be

  1. Lush Skin: Products that have made a difference
  2. Hauling in hope: a sneak-peak on my recent Haul
  3. Mask and Glory: Exclusive Review on all things Masks
  4. To my Dismay: disappointing products

On Friday, posts will be  about what I wore last week, what is trending, what is on the top magazines’ cover, what are fashion editors talking about and all this FOR THE LOVE OF FASHION

I am so much looking forward to this new format, hope it will be a worthwhile attempt to bring more discipline into my blogging as well be helpful and enjoyable for all others.

Stop by and do not hesitate to show your love. Looking forward to bonding over things we all love 🙂



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