YAY! I am one of the unique bloggers :-)

unique blogger award

Hey my lovelies!

I am so happy to know that gorgeous and talented Becca has nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award, its really encouraging to receive this kind of love from my blogging mates.

So a big thanks shout out to her!!!!!

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Kiehl’s Over Night Biological Peel Versus Le Weekend De Chanel: Game on!


I am always on the lookout for products to even out my skin tone, and  to get that healthy glow. A few months ago, Chanel’s  le Weekend caught my attention, more so because the sales lady at the counter told me its a moisturizer with exfoliating properties! I had never come across such a product profile and of course found it intriguing. Despite the hefty price tag I brought it home also because I have had great experience with Chanel skincare before (love their face cleanser and Hydra beauty serum). Continue reading

Black dress and cashmere stole-Keep it simple silly !

Christian Dior LBD.jpg

Little black dress is known for being a classic piece in every women’s wardrobe. This piece of clothing has evolved so much with time and yet somethings have never changed about it:  its effortless elegance,  sober charm, and timeless flaunt.

On saturday, it was my husband’s birthday and I thought it is a perfect evening to take out my very own black dress to go out for dinner. Continue reading

Are Glamglow mud masks worth the price? Product review

You know you are a skincare junkie: when you have contemplated at least once on getting your hands on the glam glow mud masks.

I remember when the whole buzz of glam glow masks hit my world, I completely went against the current and convinced myself that these super gaudy looking jars cannot be as good as the whole hype is about. And one year after, I couldn’t resist the temptation of owing them myself and try my hands on one of the most hyped masks ever.  So join me in finding out what the hype is all about any way?

I own two Glam glow masks: the clearing treatment and the brightening mask.

I have been using both for the last 4 weeks and have my own opinion on both.

The internet had been buzzing a lot over clearing treatment, thirsty mud, gravitymud treatment, and recently over the brightening mask. I am a sucker for all things that claim to clear my skin and give that brightened appearance. I had high hopes of course after purchasing such expensive jars of mud 🙂

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Mary-Lou Manizer-Highlighter, Shadow & Shimmer: Youtube made me buy it

Alright, so we have all been there when youtube made us buy things. That one magical video, which walks you through a dream and BAM!!! you want to purchase that product. That is  one reason I do not watch the product videos from brands themselves, becuase they make outrageously glamorous videos, which can make it difficult to say NO to buying the product!

I also try to refrain from any temptation on products by watching product launch reviews, PR reviews and first impressions. I find them entertaining, for sure but I feel the reviews which people are doing after spending their own money are more genuine.

And if there are thousands of good reviews on a certain product, it is worth trying, isn’t it? After all we all deserve some goodness in our lives. Continue reading

Olympic 2016 Fashion Editorial-“For the Love of Fashion” Friday Series

So this is the Olympic year and, I was up all night to catch the Olympic 2016  opening ceremony. It is always accompanied by some breathtaking moments,  offering a great sense of pride and patriotism.

Sitting in your living room, you often recall your glorious sports memories from  back in the good old school-days time. What ? you don’t ? OK then may be it is just me but the point is OLYMPICS is a great deal. I, for one try to catch as much sports as I can and thoroughly enjoy every bit of it.

Additionally, what I enjoy  to watch is the olympic uniforms of all the teams from around the world. I put on my own critic glasses to scrutinize each and every uniform very diligently and then passing judgements on what I like and what I don’t. This is the beauty of being confined in the living room, you have all the power in the world to pass on judgements, isn’t it? 🙂 Continue reading

Tame the Monster Series-My Skincare Regimen


Hey Lovelies, hope the day is treating you well

Currently I am obsessing on Make-up, its a new world I have recently gotten into and I love every bit of it. I am all into reading reviews and purchasing tons of Make-up. However, I also noticed that with my growing obsession with make-up, my skin is asking for more and more attention. I don’t believe in using make-up to hide the drama that is going on in your skin but to bring out the best in you including the skin. So I had to refurbish my skincare routine.

I thought what better way to start our Thursday series- TAME THE MONSTER by sharing my skincare routine with you guys and may be I will get to hear from you about yours, so lets bond over skincare coversations, shall we? Continue reading

Make-up Monday: Lush Lips- Red Lipsticks for Indian and Olive skintone

Lipstick makes a long history on its way to our vanity boxes. It has come a long way indeed. From its use by people having “apparently promiscuous profession” during the Greek and Roman empires to its everyday use by almost every girl in the 21st century, Lipstick has seen it all- from its complete abolishment (during the rise of Christanity) to  its loving social embrace in today’s world.

Today let’s talk about RED lips.  There is something innately feminine about red lips. It surely gives a  stunning makeover to you  but also add that fierce element in your persona at the same time. Love love love Red Lipsticks. So let me take you through 10 Red lipsticks that I feel are suitable for olive and Indian (tan) skintones. I am not saying they won’t work for any other skin tone and shade but I can surely promise that for tan skin tones, these shades hit home, girls !

PS: As I was swatching  a lot of lipsticks for this post, I used a lot of lip balm on my lips before applying the lipcolor and used cleaning oil for rubbing off the previous lipcolor. This somehow gives more sheer coverage for almost all lipsticks on me. However, below in the desciption for each lipstick, I have mentioned its original sheer or rich pigment character, which should hold true for normal usage.


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New elements in the blog: Beauty and Grace

Hey all my lovely people,

In my attempt to be more disciplined in blogging, I am, for the first time including a routine for my blog posts.

Its an experiment till my Birthday (read September) to be consistently following a routine to post every Monday, Thursday and Friday. Its kind of overwhelming to even think about the amount of time and work this would need. But hey! its also fun to challenge oneself every now and then right? Continue reading