Sunny weekend and biking goes hand in hand !

Hey there lovely people,

So yes after a rainy week we were blessed with sunny  saturday and what could be a better option than to pick the bikes and go around beautiful winding roads to the countryside.

That is exactly what we did this Saturday, come join me 🙂



tasslebag_1white top_1white top 3twirl4whitetop_4

My wearabouts: Top (Zara); Watch (Citizen men’s); Bag (Zara); Shoes (Mango); Cashmere stole (bought from Nepal)

Much love,





12 thoughts on “Sunny weekend and biking goes hand in hand !

  1. Would you believe that last time I rode a bike was about two years ago when vacationing in Mexico?! Crazy, right! I definitely need to get one, as I don’t have one (I know, I know). Since we’re moving next month and will have more storage space, my husband has been mentioning how he wants to get some bikes, so perhaps we can get riding while the good weather lasts! I’m glad you were able to enjoy some riding and great weather, too! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead, beauty!



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    • Hey Jalisa, so wonderful to hear from you. Biking in Mexico sounds amazing ! Yup biking is great fun. I am not an outright outdoorsy person but hiking and biking are my two most favourite weekend activities 🙂
      Good luck with all the moving and wish you a wonderful day!
      Much love,


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