My bollywood moments

Ever since I watched our iconic bollywood actress “Sridevi” prancing around in bright chiffon sarees in Switzerland, my young adoloscent years were shaped by many dreams  and most lucid one was of visiting Switzerland and wearing sarees when I grow up. I must count my blessings and be thankful that I am actually living this dream .

My love for sarees is so deep that I even wrote a poem about my most favourite attire in the world.


An ode to ‘Saree’: Six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty…

Long trail of cloth, one straight single length,
no Zip, no stitch yet oozes vigor and strength!Six yards of grace, draped perfect for the evening,
the elegance untouched, adds ‘femininity’ to the meaning!This humble drape stirring the political motion,
since time immemorial, breaking the rules and the notion!The shimmer, the glitter and sequins on it,
never overpower the struggles woven within!

The poor, the rich and in the middle,
all of us have worn it to go unbridled!

It marks the beauty of a demure bride,
it tells the tale of prejudice and pride!

It signifies the poise and grace of a woman,
it shapes the curves, for sensuality to loosen!

It covers the beauty with all its layers,
yet oozes the oomph and call for glares!

‘Saree my love ‘ you are the most beautiful attire,
a timeless fashion, which refuses to retire…

Ok now that I have established my love for saree , lets move on to the pictures, shall we?
The saree I am wearing is from Satyapaul, brought from Delhi last year.
Much love,



7 thoughts on “My bollywood moments

    • Hey ! so happy to read all these encouraging comments from you my dear 🙂
      I had to fight really hard to buy more wearable sarees as part of my wedding trousseau. Although at that time it seemed like a dull idea but I can’t even imagine wearing those heavy sarees to anywhere. I am happy with my decision 🙂
      Curious to see your saree collection too, now that we share our love for sarees other than men’s watches 😉


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