Fashion Blogs losing their essence. Really ?

Warning: Longread and no pictures 🙂

Fashion blogging is pretty saturated, this is what we read these days. But I will not dwell on it today.

I am instead compelled to streamline my  thoughts on  the changing environment of the fashion and lifestyle blogging world.

I read a few posts (by Indian bloggers) which talk about how most new bloggers are generic with no distinct taste and style. This made me think on this whole issue of changes that fashion blogging has seen recently and how unfair it is to judge new bloggers in the block for getting the blogging wrong.

Well, I have been an avid blog follower and reader since 2009-2010. I always believed that one thing that made blog -a blog – was the freedom to own it and use it as your creative space. And creative abilities my differ from person to person. NONE of those blogs were anyway meant for making money because, simply put, there was no market AVAILABLE for the blogs.

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Ombre saree: Chasing the crepe…

Hey all, hope you all are doing great and had a wonderful weekend !

I was not feeling very well last week. I have been working for long hours, which I don’t mind at all but towards the end of the week , I felt extremely exhausted. We had plans to go for hiking, however the plan had to change when I woke up past noon on Saturday 🙂

Anyway why am I still caught up in giving you this mundane narrative of my weekend, I should rather be talking about one fun thing I did  and that was to dress up :-). I wanted to put on make-up and wear some good clothes just to make myself feel better. I do that often and the magic never fails to work. Now that I have a blog, I make an effort to take pictures too when I dress up 😉


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My bollywood moments

Ever since I watched our iconic bollywood actress “Sridevi” prancing around in bright chiffon sarees in Switzerland, my young adoloscent years were shaped by many dreams  and most lucid one was of visiting Switzerland and wearing sarees when I grow up. I must count my blessings and be thankful that I am actually living this dream .

My love for sarees is so deep that I even wrote a poem about my most favourite attire in the world.


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