When was the last time I was here ?

Wow! feels great to be back on this webspace. Can’t believe I was away from blogging  for that many months, its surreal to log on to my blog today 🙂

Did I miss blogging ?

Hell yeah I did !

Do I regret being away for this long?

take a break2

NO, not at all! Life is very different  when you are in the field, away from internet. When luxury  to you  means 100 meters of non-bumpy patch of road, 2 hours of electricity and a  ceiling fan, your outlook gets an overhaul and  you become a part of a very different yet beautiful world. You wake up at 6, start your day at 7, come back all tired and sweaty,  gulp down your dinner and call it a day  to start a new day tomorrow with four things by your side-  work plan, work  focus, hope  and smile 🙂

childhood3jpghappy and busy at work

Now that I am back from the field, I sure have missed all the amazing posts fellow bloggers must have created, I have missed all the conversations floating around in the blogging world, but I believe its not too late to go back and start from where I had left 🙂 isn’t it?





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