Flared Jeans: How to Style

There is no doubt that our generation has seen communication technology to grow by leaps and bounds but have you ever wondered how fashion and style had been crossing borders way more faster than any thing else even at the time when we were restricted to just one national television channel. When the West was celebrating bouffant hairstyle in the 60s, we had our own mothers in the East following the trend by puffing out and teasing their hair because that was the in-thing  during that times.

Another such rage was the Bell-bottoms (Flared pants). It is safe to say that this particular style has seen more than three generations and is still lingering around, not as popular as it was in the 70s, but guys we have to give it up for the Flared pants to stand tall through times.

Ever since I saw a picture of Jennifer Lopez rocking those flared denims with crop top, I was itching to style them in my own way. Luckily, the sales were still on and I found a pair of my own flared jeans at Esprit.  I may have compromised a little on the color because it was probably the last piece remaining but the fit and comfort of this pair makes it a worthy purchase. I will trim the length for my everyday wearing purpose, but for styling purpose I wore them with high heels !

I styled flared jeans in four different ways and lived the 70s for a little while. The weather outside had been crazy bad for the outfit posts so I had to shoot in the Garage! Can you tell how excited I was to share the post with you guys, did not even wait for the weather to clear up  🙂

  1. Teaming the flared jeans with hand-knitted sweater





2. Good old plaid shirt and flared jeans


3. Loose Jacket with Flared Jeans


4. Going Ethnic with Flared Jeans



My Wearabouts: Jeans: Esprit;  Yellow bag:Esprit; Ethnic Jacket: Ritu Kumar; Watch: Tissot (Men)

Hope you liked my styling, wishing you all goodtimes !

Stay blessed and be happy 🙂






13 thoughts on “Flared Jeans: How to Style

  1. Oh my gosh, I was absolutely obsessed with these in high school. The bigger the flare the better they were. You’re not supposed to wear a trend you’ve already done once before, again but this is so tempting. I love flared jeans!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Shannon! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love for flared jeans here. I know this trend somehow has been lingering on since time forever. I love it for the fact that it brings out the bohemian in you at the same time flaunting feminine elegance by highlighting the curves so gracefully 🙂 . I am a fan myself!
      Should check out your blog, the name calls me 😉


      • Hey Neelu, thanks for letting me know, it’s always such a pleasure to read from you and of course your stunning style is always inspiring! Am still recovering from long journey to Vietnam and trying to figure out the proxy server to use WordPress here 😉 I did not know blogging platforms are blocked in Vietnam.
        Now am jumping over to your post 🙂


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