Soul and Sanity: Sadness

Hey Friends, if you are visiting me here for a few times now, you would know that I do share some random poetic ramblings under the heading Soul and Sanity.
Today I share with you quite a melancholic piece that I wrote back in time so I apologize in advance if that puts you off, but the fact that weekend is around the corner may cheer you up, no?
  Siting in my room, I desperately look out of the window. I try to look beyond the obvious, my eyes stare into nothingness, I lose focus and the scene becomes hazy,  the time flies by.
Sharp thin air gushes against my weak knees and I flick my teary eyes. Caught in the moment, haziness is washed away, scene gets cleared but the ‘nothingness’ doesn’t go away.
 Sitting quietly by my window, I hope for the birds to chirp, my ears capture nothing but white noise. Clamor of the ramblings of my mind, I cup both my hands over my ears to stop the cacophony but it only gets louder and louder.
Lying down silently on my bed, I close my eyes and pray for an unperturbed dream. I turn the pages of my memory hoping to land on a chapter filled with laughter, cheer and joy. But I wake up to a sad ending that sends shivers down my spine.
Mind wanders to beat the devil around the stump, it doesn’t surrender. My state of mind is waxed by the weight of sadness. Body succumbs to the excruciating emotions. Heart sinks in the depth of darkness. I am lost in the seas of sadness, my soul is caged inside the malign alcove of thoughts …

11 thoughts on “Soul and Sanity: Sadness

    • Hey JV thanks for stopping by and for your warm thoughts 🙂 Penning down the feelings was a great outlet for me at that time. I hope reading it did not bring you down!
      Wish you a wonderful evening.
      Much love,


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