Eco-friendly leather- is it possible?

Beware lovely friends, its a longread, I am in a rather chatty mood today 🙂 If you want to skip the longread, there are outfit pictures at the very end of the post, hugs to all !!


I hope the gone week was great for you guys and you are all geared up for the coming week 🙂 I had a lovely time, had some guests over, with whom we shared lots of fun and laughter.  You know, Life seems to be good when I look at it as a snippet from the week that just went past, so many things could have gone wrong but they didn’t, so many decisions that I could have taken wrong, but I didn’t and so many memories that I almost did not make because of “what not” but I did 🙂 I guess, we get stressed out when we try to take full control of our lives and not leave some scope for things to go not as planned. However, those unplanned moments  are the ones that create stories out of your mundane, ritualistic life and I am sure you will agree that flipping through interesting and engaging stories is always fun and easy than to flip through boring accounts of investments be it of time, money or life, isn’t it?

OK enough of digressing from the title of my blog post 🙂

Let’s dwell on this issue of sustainable leather. We have known the horror stories of leather industry for not just being utterly unsustainable but also being very oppresive at the human level.  Every time we buy something-leather we feel guilty mainly for two reasons: one is of course the amount of money we spend on our purchase and second is the aspect of some innocent animal being killed for this particular product. For the high price, we usually come up with our justification  “well it is one piece that will last me forever” , and for the animal cruelty part,  we usually come up with “huh !! if I don’t buy it, someone else will” or even more prevalent: we simply choose to become ignorant ! I have done that a few times myself. I even add to the argument saying “well at least I am not eating the animals like many others“, for me, being a vegetarian accounts for a little less guilt :-/

So when I came across this rather low-profile brand called Gusti-Leder, (thanks to my husband who had been searching and researching for a good leather satchel bag for himself ), we got really excited by reading through their mission statement. Yes you are right, we are nerdy enough to bother reading mission statements of the brands 🙂 Anyhow, we knew we are buying the bag from this brand because of the eco-friendly philosophy, good price and great designs that are available on their German and English websites.

Me and my husband both are working in the field of environment and anything that is able to convince us about their sustainablity sure deserves a chance from us. Following is the excerpt of the brand’s mission statement:

We can guarantee ecological sustainability. All of the leather we use is sourced from animals that are bred primarily for meat production in countries such as India and Morocco. We use the by-product which would otherwise be thrown away.

Gusti-leder categorize their products in two ways: Gusti-leder nature  and Gusti-leder studio, we chose to buy our satchel bag Alex 11″  , which indeed is a Gusti-leder naure product because:

Gusti Leather nature focusses solely on leather products that are made from vegetable-tanned goat leather and are produced by family-run businesses in India and Morocco. The leather is tanned using Babool tree bark in traditional tanneries which gives the leather that natural, vintage look. This sustainable method of production does not use any chemicals and provides work for dozens of families.


The fact that they contribute to the family-run, small-scale local businesses is quite a unique feature other than the use of vegetable-tanning and using the leather from already slaughtered animal

We are very happy with the purchase, the satchel is a stunning piece and can fit a surface pro along with other stuff that my husband carries. I am very much tempted to check out pieces from the women section as for my own use I do not find it completely effortless . I do find it uber stylish and spacious for sure but the buckle-fastening makes it a task for me to open the flap every now and then.  But its a stachel bag after all, and  in all honesty I would say it has more to do with my personal lazyness style, which is a shoppers bag mostly 🙂 with no fuss of opening the flaps although I got my wallet stolen once because of my fuss-free habit of using shopper bag for everyday use.

So basically I cannot complain about the product from Gusti-leder with our first purchase. The prices are so reasonable for the great quality of the products. It is because there is no middlemen involved, which is great because then we can believe that good share of profit is also going to the families involved in the workmanship and leather-making.

They ship the products worldwide, although the international shipping costs about 18 Euro extra , which is about 1300 INR. I do feel that Gusti-leder allows people to have a  guilt-free experience of buying a long-lasting stylish leather product, which is great in quality and best in pricing. I take pride in buying such a product because in the end we as consumers are making our contribution towards promoting a good change in the leather industry. Hope in future more and more brands take-up such eco-friendly ways of manufacturing leather.

Wow ! my avid-reader friend, I am so glad you could make it to the end of the post , YAY!!!!

So now moving on to the outfit, which I paired with the Leather satchel bag you have seen before and I have just now raved about . Its a simple bib-and-brace overalls and peasant crop-top. It is the first time in my adulthood that I have worn dungarees, it brought back so many great childhood memories 🙂

My wearabouts: Bib-and-brace overalls: Mango; Top: Dividend by H&M; watch: Citizen (Men’s); Heels: H&M; Coat: Promod; stole: purchased from Nepal


Wish you a great start of the week! Thanks for your companionship throughout all my posts.





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