Flared Jeans: How to Style

There is no doubt that our generation has seen communication technology to grow by leaps and bounds but have you ever wondered how fashion and style had been crossing borders way more faster than any thing else even at the time when we were restricted to just one national television channel. When the West was celebrating bouffant hairstyle in the 60s, we had our own mothers in the East following the trend by puffing out and teasing their hair because that was the in-thing  during that times.

Another such rage was the Bell-bottoms (Flared pants). It is safe to say that this particular style has seen more than three generations and is still lingering around, not as popular as it was in the 70s, but guys we have to give it up for the Flared pants to stand tall through times. Continue reading


Red hues: happiness and love !

Hey friends, grey weather on Saturday made me go out wearing my new shoes and paint the town Red 🙂 Seriously guys, Red is such a beautiful color, it is on-the-face bold and beautiful ! don’t you agree?
As I have a super busy week ahead of me before the big (work) travel coming up next week!!!, I will leave you with the outfit pictures and a beautiful poem which talks about being happy at your own terms. I love the depth  and beauty of these umpretentious yet  sublime words 🙂
At the beginning of the week we all can use some motivation isn’t it?

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Colmar: Oh Colmar you beautiful city you !

Hey lovelies, this post is a filler before I post a proper outfit post. I was in Colmar last week. It is a 9th century city in Alsace region of the North-Eastern France. Its’ beauty lies in its histroy, which makes it unique from the other French cities. It is fascinating to know that Colmar was conquered by the French and annexed by the German empire back and forth until 1945 (if I am not mistaken) and influence of German culture is palpable even today. Walking through the city was more like flipping through the pages of history book. It is indeed a very enchanting place, can’t wait to go back there in summer. It was our second time in the city, so we were pretty laid back when it came to visiting museums and typical touristic attractions, so what did we do?  well,  we took it easy, strolling around without a purpose, sipping Riesling (White wine from the Rhine region in Germany),  gulping down some very good local beers,  eating Flahmkuchen (speciality from the Alsace region) and  what not (check out the food pic later in the post), soaking in the architectural beauty around us, in short we were two happy pigs (you will see the picture in the post and know what I meant 😉 ). I must say, despite the rainy weather, city was still as enchanting as it could be.



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Soul and Sanity: Sadness

Hey Friends, if you are visiting me here for a few times now, you would know that I do share some random poetic ramblings under the heading Soul and Sanity.
Today I share with you quite a melancholic piece that I wrote back in time so I apologize in advance if that puts you off, but the fact that weekend is around the corner may cheer you up, no?
  Siting in my room, I desperately look out of the window. I try to look beyond the obvious, my eyes stare into nothingness, I lose focus and the scene becomes hazy,  the time flies by.
Sharp thin air gushes against my weak knees and I flick my teary eyes. Caught in the moment, haziness is washed away, scene gets cleared but the ‘nothingness’ doesn’t go away.
 Sitting quietly by my window, I hope for the birds to chirp, my ears capture nothing but white noise. Clamor of the ramblings of my mind, I cup both my hands over my ears to stop the cacophony but it only gets louder and louder.
Lying down silently on my bed, I close my eyes and pray for an unperturbed dream. I turn the pages of my memory hoping to land on a chapter filled with laughter, cheer and joy. But I wake up to a sad ending that sends shivers down my spine.
Mind wanders to beat the devil around the stump, it doesn’t surrender. My state of mind is waxed by the weight of sadness. Body succumbs to the excruciating emotions. Heart sinks in the depth of darkness. I am lost in the seas of sadness, my soul is caged inside the malign alcove of thoughts …

Eco-friendly leather- is it possible?

Beware lovely friends, its a longread, I am in a rather chatty mood today 🙂 If you want to skip the longread, there are outfit pictures at the very end of the post, hugs to all !!


I hope the gone week was great for you guys and you are all geared up for the coming week 🙂 I had a lovely time, had some guests over, with whom we shared lots of fun and laughter.  You know, Life seems to be good when I look at it as a snippet from the week that just went past, so many things could have gone wrong but they didn’t, so many decisions that I could have taken wrong, but I didn’t and so many memories that I almost did not make because of “what not” but I did 🙂 I guess, we get stressed out when we try to take full control of our lives and not leave some scope for things to go not as planned. However, those unplanned moments  are the ones that create stories out of your mundane, ritualistic life and I am sure you will agree that flipping through interesting and engaging stories is always fun and easy than to flip through boring accounts of investments be it of time, money or life, isn’t it?

OK enough of digressing from the title of my blog post 🙂 Continue reading