New blogger: Pet peeves and expectations

Hie friends ! thanks for stopping by! Hope you are doing very well today 🙂 I feel like having heart-to-heart chit chat , its Friday after all 🙂

So yeah guess what, I will finish my first month as a blogger by the end of January, I am very very new, so new that I am still figuring out how to categorize my blogging into a specific theme: is it style blogging, fashion blogging , lifestyle blogging? Huh ! but seems like this is not necessarily a struggle only new bloggers go through. Some seasoned bloggers have  also been adding themes to their introduction lately. To my mind, lifestyle blogging is an all-encompassing theme, which pretty much covers any topic under the sun and no wonders it is a safe bet for many to promote themselves as lifestyle bloggers indeed, isn’t it?

Ever since I made my blog public, I have been trying to connect with other bloggers, well not as much as I probably should. But you know having a full-time job that involves finishing a PhD does pose some limitation on the time one could spend on and around blogging. Anyhow, so far I am fairly happy with my interactions. The blogs I have discovered and the comments that I have received on my posts, they are all very  entertaining and encouraging.

Also, I have realized that even though the space to establish oneself as a new blogger has become sparse, learning curve has become relatively flat for us than the bloggers who started out around for 5-6 or more years ago, which is a good thing because we already start with a DSLR and a decent lens 🙂 YAY !!!

But over the past month I also observed some patterns, behaviors and practices that I am not very comfortable with. For example:

  1. The seasoned bloggers complaining about getting good enough traffic on their blog but very few interactions in terms of comments. This is understandably frustrating right and you sure feel their pain ? BUT when I see that they themselves hardly acknowledge whatever comments they receive on their posts, I doubt the integrity of their complaint, really.
  2. Many bloggers also complain about comments that (they tag aspurely promotional. Hey what do you expect? Why should a new blogger NOT introduce herself to the bigger audience. They have all the right in the world to be as proud as anybody else is! Just because someone puts their link after the comment doesn’t necessarily mean their comments are not genuine. In fact, I really appreciate it when someone leave their blog link with their comment on my blog post. This gives me access to more blogs that I can connect with. So, if I may humbly suggest – stop being so judgmental for God’s sake, you were doing the same thing when you had started out, remember and there is nothing wrong it it !!
  3. Registering to various blog directories to promote your blogs is what has been suggested everywhere. It can be a specific-blogging-theme directory, or a regional directory. It doesn’t matter, the point is that as new bloggers we want to join any relevant directory, which we think will introduce us to the new and relevant audience. But the wait to hear back from that diva who claims to be the person behind that contact email address is excruciatingly long and uncertain .
  4. I am not expecting for someone to be my Godmother here in the blogging world, but what I find in general is that the seasoned bloggers – the ones who have been around for a few years now and are doing good for themselves and you think they would be the grounded ones because they have earned success by hard work and diligence not so long ago, somehow hesitate to embrace the new bloggers. I can count for myself that only two of such bloggers have been warm enough to say welcome aboard ! (and one had been kind enough to offer help if needed as I am new into blogging). This simple but kind gesture has had my heart melt away and I felt so encouraged because they acknowledged the beginning of my blogging journey.  There is no doubt there are many brilliant bloggers out there but unfortunately I have not met many such gracious, kind and well-deserving bloggers so far. If I ever find someone who looks up to me and asks me for advice, I will take it as the biggest compliment ever for my work and myself and hopefully will take the opportunity to give it back to the blogging community and the people who have encouraged me go this far.

I know, I am wearing my devil horns today, but sometimes I feel that everyone is fighting their own battle in this blogosphere. It doesn’t matter which step you are on the success ladder: the newbies are fighting to establish themselves, the seasoned-bees are trying to keep standing tall and the celebrity bloggers are …oh well I have no idea what they are fighting for: may be for most coveted collaborations with every luxury brand out there? who knows ! Good for them though,they are infact role models for many girls out there !

Would love to hear about your experiences as bloggers. Every narrative, every story fills the gap in someone else’s experience and as humans I believe we connect more when we share our experiences with each other. I hope this post reaches out to more and more people so that I can interact with more members of the blogging community.

Wishing you all goodtimes and great weekend,




14 thoughts on “New blogger: Pet peeves and expectations

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  2. Hi Saabri,

    I would try to make an exception here, I follow one makeup blog, though I was never a makeup person and still am not, but following that blog has definitely taught me a couple of things from the huge world of beauty, however the reason I am following that blog since last four years is the level of communication between the writers and readers and it is amazing! The blog is and it is one of the top 1,00,000 blogs of world. It definitely is worth it since I feel as a part of the family. So there are exceptions and there are some very welcoming people out there. I would recommend to all the newbies like me and you to just keep our heads high and keep working hard because in the end, we do not need to be super human, but only the kid who keeps marching!!


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    • Hey thanks a lot for your comment, I agree with you 100% and when I said two people who made me feel welcomed , One of them was Rati , I don’t follow the makeup blog that she co-founded but came to know about her through Faux Pas her personal blog. She is a gem and I am sure there are more like her.


  3. I totally relate to your is annoying that you go and comment to some stablised blogger and ask them something and they do not bother to reply… i used to feel bad but then after a while I stopped expecting… i love to connect with other bloggers…i feel there is nothing wrong in helping each other out 🙂
    You are doing great…blogging is exhausting even for people who are full time into it and I being an engineer by day and blogger by night feel super exhausted so i can relate that you must be feeling rather invested in it…but it is all worth it for your passion 🙂

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    • Hey thanks a bunch for such a supportive comment Anu, I am so happy that I wrote about my observation as a new blogger. I am pretty convinced now that all new bloggers go through pretty much similar experience, which may not be ideal but I guess that’s the way it is! And now that I have started to blog myself, I have come to realize what a huge commitment blogging is and only passion can see one through ! Huge respect to everyone who is blogging for years! It is great to connect with you and other amazing bloggers who blog while having full-time day job! It’s really inspiring. looking forward to our continued interaction ! 

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  4. That was such a honest and heartfelt post saabri. Salut!! Myself a newbie too three months to be precise and the amount of time I spend on my blog YouTube instaafacebook is so exhausting that sometimes you want to leave n runaway.
    Honestly I do follow few of the legend bloggers but I only interact with people who communicate back. Otherwise it’s OK they have their share of struggle now they are enjoying the reaps of hard work they have invested.
    Love you for this post..anu

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    • Awww thanks Anu, I am still learning to use social media optimally and boy !! it is exhausting. I always go through cycle of self-belief, followed by sense of self-doubt 🙂 I like it so far, and absolutely agree that people who have put in so much effort and time in making their blogs shine, deserve all the goodness of followers and appreciation that they get. I aim for all that plus some camaraderie 🙂 I love your blog, it’s a go to blog for satiating my make-up haul urges 😉
      Much love xx,

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  5. Very well written post!
    I agree with all the things that you have mentioned above. The worst thing is that I feel that bloggers who have established themselves after so much hard work have stopped appreciating what they have achieved! As you have mentioned, they complain about fewer interactions, but on the other side they themselves either are not interested or don’t have enough time at their hands.
    There are couple of bloggers that I am following on Instagram and Twitter, so that I can keep myself aware of what is going around as they are in a better position to know what is going. Without taking names, some of them are continuously blasting at the companies or PR team for God knows what!!!
    I am so glad that you shared this post, knowing that I am not the only one feeling this way makes me feel a teeny weeny better 😛
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    • Thanks JV for supporting me on this. It does feel better that we are not the only ones feeling that way :-). I totally agree with you on PR and brand blasting, which is so common in practice. I guess blogging world has transitioned from being relevant for masses to mainly feeding the voyeuristic streak in us. Some bloggers would promote brands that are far from available to their target audience , I find that very funny 🙂
      Much love,

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