Color punch: Faux-Suede Trench

“Because it’s so iconic, it means that avant garde designers can play with elements of it” – Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (MFIT), New York
Trench coats have been in style ever since they came into existence. They may have served as  military uniform in the past, but over the time, Trench coats have evolved as stylish  piece of clothing, a fashion staple really !
Back in 1979, when Thomas Burberry invented “gabardine”-  a water-resistant fabric, it became an instant success . By adding shoulder straps and metal rings to the gabardine coat, the trench coat was born (read more about it  here & here).
Who doesn’t wish to own a Burberry trench– bold and stern yet so feminine …
We may need to work on our saving goals to buy luxury trench from Burberry but, thanks to high street brands, we can begin our Trench -styling journey much sooner.

 I own a couple of Trench coats, mostly from ZARA and MANGO.  I have promised to buy myself a Burberry Trench (at some point in life), so I refrain from compromising on the iconic design. Rather I buy Trench in other styles such as one below.  It is a (faux) suede Trench, which is very flowy and chic and I love it.
 My Wearabouts-
Trench: Zara; Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: MANGO; Shirt: Zara; Blanket Shawl: Zara; Bag: Zara; Watch: Emporio Armani;  Heels: Graceland: Ring: from a local boutique in Serbia;
Wish you all a wonderful week 🙂



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