Happy New Year 2016

I looked into my cup of coffee this morning and felt the entire year 2015 just fly by me. As I looked into the coffee creases on the inside of my half-empty cup, so many memories, people, incidents crossed my mind. The steam of my warm coffee suddenly made a cloud of intense feelings, I saw myself getting fade away into nostalgia. So much to be thankful for, so much to be forgiven, so much to be cherished and so much to let go. Before I could get lost in the cloud, rich roasted aroma of coffee brought me back to the morning of 2016.
This cup of coffee was indeed an energizer, strange enough how much a cup of coffee could hold in itself and how seldom I took notice!
Happy New Year everyone!
May 2016 be the year of joyful experience, great learnings, immense sharing, doting love and blissful peace for everyone.


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