L’occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence Review

Hey all! If you have been reading my blogposts, you know how strongly I feel about investing in good face serums. They really go beyond any creams , oils, and moisturizers.

Today I am sharing with you my story and experience with a  L’occitane product that is called an essence but has serum-like consistency. It’s from their Immortelle range -the brightening essence.


I was desperately looking for a new face serum and for the oddest reason I felt the urge to check out serums from L’occitane. So far I had only used a few fragrances and hand creams from them. The website was somehow not as convincing to me as the youtube video that I watched on the best of L’occitane products . The lady in the video raved non-stop about this particular essence. I was totally convinced about this essence half-way through the video. The jubilation you feel when you find a great product worth every penny of your money can never be fake. So I trusted my guts and went off to check out the newly opened L’occitane store in my city to buy this particular essence.

In the store, they had exhibited a new “whitening” range and this immortelle brightening line was no where to be seen. I was a bit disappointed because I tend to stay away from anything that says whitening. Coming from India,  I find it utterly derogatory. I know the culture up-close, where I was considered to be relatively ugly in comparison to some of my cousins or friends who were blessed with lighter complexion. I am all for anything brightening in skincare because it means the skin will glow, dark spots will fade away and you will get the radiant look. Whitening is all about people’s fixation to become lighter skin-toned because in their head-white is beautiful. Arrrgh well I can go on and on… on this topic but without digressing, let’s come back to the story. After asking the SA about this particular essence, I could finally get my hands on it. It was stashed away somewhere deep in the cupboards. So this was the happy ending of my story 🙂

Now the real question is :  Is it worth it?

Let’s see what the website claims:

Brightening Essences contains a concentrate of the flowers of light – immortelle and bellis perennis- to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even out skin tone and illuminate the complexion. After seven days, a more luminous complexion emerges: skin better reflects light thanks to wintergreen leaf and garden nasturtium extracts that help natural exfoliation and smooth skin micro-relief.
Over time skin becomes smoother and the appearance of wrinkles is visibly reduced.A combination of Bellis perennis extract and a derivative of vitamin C helps to unify and brighten the complexion. Skin seems visibly smoother; complexion looks more luminous and even toned. Skin glows with natural youth.

My experience :


It is clear, light-weight, watery- but-not-runny- gel-like texture. I found it to have a very subtle scent of wild flower, most likely it is the immortelle flower scent. It is an awesome ultra light-weight serum that gets absorbed easily. I use about 5 drops and find it enough for my face.

The recommended use is twice a day.  I use it only once in the morning and can still see the difference it has made so far. For the purpose of testing it out, I have not combined it with any other potent product. I could see the results almost after day 1. My acne spots are very much faded, skin texture is definitely even-toned. I am not sure about the anti-wrinkle effect of this serum though. Also, you would need to pat on some moisturising cream on top of this. I guess one should always lock in the potent skincare product like serums with some moisturizer but with this one I somehow felt that my skin could use a little more hydration alongside this serum. I did not see any dry patches or anthing like that though.

My verdict: 4.5/5 on the claims this essence makes. I did not give 5 on 5 because I cannot tell anything about anti-wrinkle claims. For Brightening I would give it 5/5 for sure. I wonder why this product is not much talked about in the beauty world. I am glad I trusted my guts to buy it,  after watching one single video 😊

Let me know if you have used this serum and how do you like it. Also any other serum that you would recommend to others.

Wishing you a great day.






Two Blog Awards and random facts about me: Let’s chat

Hey friends,

I am so excited to write this post on two awards that I have been nominated for , by two most amazing bloggers Himanshi and Laura.

Everytime I receive these heartwarming nominations, I get super excited. This time these awards are very special because they are giving me a chance to open up with you all for the first time. Usually, I keep my posts specific to the reviews etc but it’s very rare for me to share a very personal side of me. So let’s get started:

The first award is ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD  and I am nominated by Himanshi. It is only a few months ago I came across her amazing blog. She has impressed me big time. I find her a very perceptive and intelligent person, who knows her way with words. She is an amazing writer, I love reading poems from her. I would love for anyone and everyone reading this blogpost to go visit her blog, you will be as impressed as I am with her blog.


  1. Thank the one who nominated you.
  2. Post about the award.
  3. Share 7-15 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate others and let them know. 

OK so now that I have ticked on the first two rules, its time to fill you in with a few facts about me. Continue reading

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque Review

Yay!!! as promised I am back with a review on another sleeping mask: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque.

I have used Kiehl’s products before. Some have worked wonders , some have been disappointing (including the Ultra Facial moisturizing cream). So when I purchased this mask, I had neutral expectation as in I hoped that it is HYDRATING as the name suggests but I did not expect it to be a mask that will do significantly more than that.

It is a clear gel-like , light-weight consistency mask with no fragrance.

The ingredients list has a lot of good stuff like :Ophiopogon Japonicuthis, which is a plant that survives drought conditions by producing humectants. Humectants, by defintion are substances that attract and hold water molecules from its surrounding environment. Also, they help increase the active ingredients’ ability to penetrate skin, or its activity time. Hyaluronic acid which is known to facilitate and maintain hydration in the skin and Glycerin and Urea which help in locking in the moisture.

My Experience:

Right from applying the mask on my face till waking up the next morning, I found it super comfortable and hydrating. For some with super oily skin, it can feel a bit heavy and in that case you can wipe off the extra from your face or even wash it off after an hour or so.

I personally, liked massaging everything into my skin and leaving it overnight. The next morning I did feel that my skin was supple and hydrated. So in terms of holding up to my expectation, I would say the mask did well. I can absolutely recommend it to people with dry to very dry skin for that extra punch of moisture.

If you ask, would I repurchase it: I doubt it. Main reason being, it is recommended to use on a weekly basis, so even the little tub I bought will last me a long time. Also, after using the awesome – Shiseido Ibuki sleeping mask I am becoming a little greedy to find similar masks that go beyond just hydration.

My verdict : I will give it a 5/5 for meeting my expectation in terms of being deeply hydrating BUT if I have to rate it as a sleeping mask in general I would give it a 3.5/5.

Do come back for my review on two more sleeping masks in the coming weeks. In between I will be reviewing some other skincare products such as facial oils and cleansers …




Sample Sunday: Lush Mask “Don’t Look at Me”

This is first in the series, where I try out samples and post about them on “Sample Sunday“. I have accumulated quite some samples from last few purchases and so every sunday I will post about my first experience with those samples. It will not be a detailed review but more like ‘first impressions’ review.

However, the one sample that I am talking about today is almost the same quantity as the regular size. The SA at my local LUSH store had run out of the sample container, so she gave it to me in a big jar and I somehow ended up getting a huge amount of sample for the mask. YAY!!


How pretty is that bright turquoise blue, I haven’t seen such gorgeous looking mask ever and ironically the mask is called Don’t look at me 🙂 Continue reading

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask: Product Review

We grew up learning that a good-night-sleep is the key element when it comes to getting that rested look on your face. But who knew up until a few recent years that combined with a sleeping mask, your skin can look absolutely radiant, plump and ravishing. Thanks to the concept of sleeping masks.

Sleeping masks have been one of the essential beauty secrets in K-skincare scene and it is indeed a phenomenon that has taken the entire beauty world by storm. And I couldn’t be happier that it has made its way into my little skincare world too. Can I live without this beauty ritual ever again: NO. Sleeping masks have become cult for a reason, and the concept is only getting better and better over time.

I have been using sleeping or overnight masks since last year only. And since then I have experimented a little with different brands. Today I have picked up the

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask

I have used a couple of products from Shiseido’s Ibuki range and I have loved everything that I have used from that range. Yup! it is that good. So I had some great expectations from this sleeping mask …read on if you want to know my verdict on this one. Continue reading

Ghassoul Clay: A must ingredient in your mask-ing routine

Do you know about this amazing skincare ingredient called Ghassoul/ Rassoul clay?

Last month when I was looking for some organic, cruelty free skincare products, I came across this amazing “The Unique Face & Décolleté Ghassoul Mask”.  I was intrigued by what I read at the back of the pack. It was a gorgeous green sachet, with gorgeous font. I know I am such a big sucker for good pacakging 🙂

Continue reading

5 hacks to your rescue, if you are an impulsive shopper…

Hey guys, have you had a day when nothing was working out well for you since morning. You had a very non-productive day so far. To distract yourself you wasted some time on social media , by seeing some images, you  couldn’t help but compare your entire life with someone you did not even know. You felt so sick of yourself that without even noticing, you picked your bag and went off to the shopping area in your town/ city. After couple of hours you came back bag full of clothes you did not need, shoes that were on sale, bags that you thought were trendy but had no clue where to store them as you are running out of space in your closet.

Well I want to believe that there are some of you out there who have similar story to share because this is a true story from my life six months ago. I know it sounds bad, but I wanted to share it on the blog in hope that it helps someone who think it is impossible to break the habit of impulsive shopping. I will tell you 5 hacks that helped me come clean 😉

Disclaimer: These hacks worked on me for two reasons: (1) I was NOT in denial that I am an impulsive shopper. (2) I wanted to make an effort to stop doing what I was doing. Continue reading

Why enzyme peeling is a must in your skincare routine…

We know exfoliation is good for the health of our skin because it helps us get rid of dead cells from the skin surface. But guess what! that is not enough, we also need to encourage our skin cell turnover. And that takes us to the world of skin peeling, which works a bit deeper than exfoliation.

Thanks to the boom in the skincare products containing  glycolic acid as the main ingredient,  we know enough about how the AHAs (Alpha hydroxyl acids) work on our skin to get rid of dead cells and renew the healthy ones. I have tried a few products myself that contain similar chemical exfoliants, you may read the review here. But it is only recently that I purchased an enzyme peeling powder and found it to be very gentle yet effective on my skin. Continue reading

Oribe Shampoo and Heat Styling Spray: Product Review

Two months ago, I decided to change the color of my hair from (almost) black to light brown. I love the end result but I was absolutely devastated to see my hair especially the ends, go frizzy and rough, all the blame goes to 5 hours of hair bleaching. Yes girls! my  natural color on the hair took that long to bleach. It was indeed a long day in hair salon, sigh !

Just when I was about to leave the hair salon after spending my longest day ever in there, my hairdresser introduced this new luxury brand to me. I had never heard of this brand until that moment and  after spending several hours smelling and tasting bleach and never-ending headwashes, I succumbed to the pressure  and bought the two things he recommended- the Oribe shampoo for brilliance and shine and real blowout heat styling spray. Never in my life I have spent so much on a hair product in one go… Continue reading

Style Files: Blue dress and grey woolen shrug

Remember I had started spring cleaning one day when I found that coat, guess what I had also found a sweater-shrug , well I don’t know if there is such a thing, but it is a woolen sweater so small that it qualifies to be called a shrug :-). This cute little grey shrug is another great find from thrift market in Noida, India. The dress is from Orsay, it was on special price of 15 Euro. The heels are the same that I wear in almost every outfit post. They are from H&M, so old that I forgot how much they were for but I am assuming not more than 20 Euro. Continue reading