Ankle cut-off DIY denim and Christmas in Colmar

Hey all ,

Hope you are having great holidays wherever you are in the world and are as stoked as I am for ringing in 2017 soon 🙂

We celebrated our Christmas in a beautiful French city COLMAR , which truly was magical. There were five Christmas markets in all and although it was far from white Christmas, the city was dripping in Christmas spirit. Me and my husband share a special liking to the city and becuase it is only an hour away from where we live in Germany and Colmar has Sephora so I never hesitate to visit this gorgeous corner of France.

I have been extremely lazy in doing any outfit post whatsoever, but thanks to my husband for carrying the camera with him and warm warm Christmas morning that I decided to wear my most beloved heels  (which are not at all expensive and comfortable AND goes with almost everything )  and now I have atleast a few decent pictures that I would love to share here on the blog 🙂

My wearabouts: Linin top (Zara): Jeans (Promod) , which I tampered with 🙂 it was not very appealing on my ankles so I did an ankle cut-off DIY to make it wearable. I like the outcome, what do you think? : Jacket (Newyorker) : Watch (Tissot Men) : Heels (H&M): Handbag (Piccard)


I apologize for the crushed top, I love Linin as a fabric but I always hesitate to wear it  as much as I would love to becuase of its nature of getting crushed after few minutes of wear.


Wishing you all a great week and lots of joy and happiness. Would love to know what your New Years’s eve plan is 🙂




Soul and Sanity : Cheers to LIFE !


In the midst of craziness called life, there are moments that call for attention. Life has a tendency to go off-balance every now and then, and most of us spend all our lives figuring out and trying ways to bring some balance in our lives. Along the process, we fall, we fail, we learn, we grow, we regret, we feel hurt, we feel all these overwhelming emotions and all this happens as time is still running on …we may feel that our life is stuck and isn’t going in any direction but time moves on and so our life …then comes the moment when we heal from the past and somehow get courage to look back and see how far we have come along the way and how much we have grown out of the situation that once made us feel that our life is over…

When we feel things are working out for us, we are tasting success and the joy it brings us , we want to hold on to it, we feel life is moving so fast and we wish for this bliss to never end. But when all this is happening time is still running on…and so is life.

For most of us, this wheel of suffering and joy is the balance in life, this circle of emotions we go through is the flow of  life, this play of emotions and those intense situations are the essence of life.

But I believe in the saying: life is what we make out of it.15665810_357168777992868_4490649512239636621_n

Cheers to life and to the world we live in, to the amazing people we meet along the way, to the nasty people who push our boundaries and make us wiser than before, cheers to the little moments when we made someone smile, and cheers to the little joys we found in the nitty gritty of life 🙂

PS: The first picture  is from Christmas Market in Berlin. We had such a memorable time there back in 2014. My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones in the recent attack in one of the Christmas Markets in Berlin #Breitscheidplatz. Its aweful to even imagine the pain they are going through. Life is precious and so are people. I hope 2017 brings more peace in the world and most importantly inside the heart of fanatics.

Coming back to the little joys and spreading the love in our own little ways,  big shout out to a lovely blogger Pooja, who was generous to nominate me for this blog award called :

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserve it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.

I have been very infrequent in posting on my blog  but I am so happy that Pooja thought of me as one of the deserving ones. How very sweet of her. Thanks honey !

My mind is all over the place today, want to make so many lists, want to do so many things all at the same time , may be I go for a run and that should take care of my overworked brain for today 🙂

Hey by the way my everyday routine for 2017 will include : meditation , sleeping and waking up early , reading everyday and writing everyday. Aahhh forget about running I am making a new list of my 2017 goals , but where should I start….travel goals, personal goals, professional goal, blog goals….aaah may be wishlist is a great idea instead-less pressure to perform you know ….grrr…OK folks you have a great time while I go crrraaazzzzyyy…

much love,


Book review: The Calling Unleash your true self by Priya Kumar

Hey all,

Hope you all are doing great.  This post is about the book review as the title suggests but as I am a self-proclaimed talker I will share snippets from my own life first and then move on to the book. so please feel free to scroll down to the end  of the post for the book review in case the post is too long for you -xoxo

December is a great month, the chill in the air, festive lights on the streets, the cheer around local christmas market and holidays coming up, surely makes December a great month of the year.

Also many of us go into all introspective mood and look back into the year and realize there is so much we wanted to do and there is so much still left to do. I am for sure one of those people who walk on the bridging line between philosophy and practicality of life. In the past I had been lost, failed at many occassions but have always bounced back and that is why I call myself blessed. I truly believe in the saying that “if you want something desperately in your life, the universe makes it happen”. You know that the Universe is doing the job when you start getting spiritual guidance in everyday sense. You start believeing in hardwork and sincerity like never before, your heart fills up with hope which is nothing  less than a magic potion really. Continue reading

Sisley Beauty Subscription, and October favourites…


Hey hope you all are having a productive, purposeful week so far. Weekend is around the corner so a big  YAY for it!!!!  The other obvious news is that November has begun, which means Christmas lights should be up soon everywhere 🙂

In today’s post I want to touch upon my monthly subscription experience, my October favourites,  and a few disappointments. Continue reading

My love for all things Plaid

Plaid is one iconic pattern that goes back to thousands of years in history and I am sure you would agree that it will continue to be a fashion staple for years to come.

I love patterns in general, but with plaid I share something special, you don’t believe it? check out the pics at the end. Well, when I think of it, I believe my love for plaid may have something to do with my love for “Scotland”. It’s my dream to go to the “Tartan” land for more reasons than one. We all have watched “Braveheart” movie right ? or “Outlander” series ? mmmm… if not, you know what you could watch during this weekend, I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂 Continue reading

Piled higher and Deeper (PhD): Comic strip that depicts my Life

In my last post I did a short rant about how infrequent my blog posts are BECAUSE I am trying to finish my PhD. I got a lot of support from all you wonderful friends, which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I got so encouraged reading such kind , warm and supportive comments that I  got my act together and decided to do at least one more post before the month of scanty posts (read October) is done with.

In this post I give you a sneak peak into my (PhD) life with the help of PhD comic strips 🙂 Exciting much ???

There is a very well acclaimed PhD comics out there and I got into reading these amazingly entertaining strips when I was not even a PhD student, clearly I only saw the humor in it but not truth as I still went ahead and opt for getting a PhD degree for myself  ha ha 🙂

Also, these comics are quite relatable to any graduate student out there but for PhDs’ this comic hit home guys! No one understands the psyche of a PhD strudent and struggles and joys of a PhD life better than these people.  Before I move on, I must put a disclaimer that in no way I regret my decision of doing a doctoral thesis, it has been a very fulfilling experience so far, with no denying that sometimes you feel lost and underconfident about your decision but such is life and we all go through times when we question our life choices. This doesn’t mean that we don’t see the merit in what we are doing right? So get ready to know more about my PhD life situation and take everything with a pinch of humor, oh and by the way, in the end , I do have outfit pictures I promise 🙂

First off, I (being married) totally attest to the truth in the following strip:-) 7 years for a PhD is a bit of exaggeration though 🙂

Totally relate to the following , and no exaggeration there 🙂

And here we talk about perspectives 🙂

Honestly, I want to deny it but shhhhhh….there is some truth in the following 🙂

Vacation what vacation ? 🙂

I can go on and on but may be its a better idea to give you guys sneak peak from time to time instead of all in one post 🙂

For now I want to say that after going through the PhD cycle of ups and downs , you then decide to constructively distract yourself with hobby that facinates you. In my case that is my blog and interaction with you all facinating and inspiring people.

On this note I leave you with some outfit pictures from last Sunday when I took a break from work, left behind my daypack, walked out of library and posed for the pics while enjoying the drizzle. This is my go to clothing syle for Autumn and Winter: skirts over leggings, it’s easy to style, keeps you warm and ranges from casual to glam, what do you say?

My wearabouts: Skirt: Promod; Top/Sweater: Zara; Watch; Carlo Monti; Bag: Mango; Boots: Catwalk; Legging: H&M

The statues are of Aristotle (1st statue) and of Homer (second statue) , in case you would wonder !


Wishing you all a lovely day. Keep smiling and stay blesesd my friends!



Instrospection, Autumn and Midi-fever

Please feel free to scroll down to the very end to avoid the rant if you like, outfit pictures are at the end 🙂

so here the short rant begins …

I would be very happy if nobody has noticed it yet that I have failed to upload posts on regular basis, but I for sure know that I indeed have failed in that front. I know it is almost like committing blog-suicide. No matter how much I wanted  it to happen, I have not been able to post a certain blogpost on a certain day and time. As I thought more about it, my rational mind told me three things straight off: Continue reading